Steel Framing of the Begley House Yields No Waste

Actor Raphael Sbarge explains the next step to the Begley House.

Ed Begley Jr.'s house that is being built in Studio City is now putting up the steel framing of the walls. The house building is part of their On Begley Street show that chronicles the creation of their enviornmentally-friendly new home.

Actor Raphael Sbarge (who plays the Jiminy Cricket character on Once Upon a Time) explained to Studio City Patch this week what is next in the construction phase of the house.

"The next step is the steel framing of the walls," Sbarge said. "We are going to plan a trip to the steel manufacturer. Because it is all custom formed, and cut to the specifications they need. Then there is no waste!"

Check out the photos in the gallery of the beams going up.

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JC January 27, 2013 at 05:29 PM
Green is Great. To complete the 'greenness' will it also blend aesthetically with that 'Mother of all Greeness' Mother Nature? ... you know ... those things called trees, grass and a relief from the overbuilt over socialized 'city'? I hope it will not be another 'architects egoistic statement' or a stark 'boxy' horror that has nothing to do with natural materials (nature) or a modest 'non-looming' nature enhancing outline. Lets see the hand of the nature oriented craftsman for a change. Then I will believe it is 'really green' ... and human.
Hugh January 27, 2013 at 09:58 PM
You guys crack me up! No waste. Maybe no waste at the construction site but there is still waste at the fabrication shop. Your own article says all the steel is cut to order. They still need to gather and recycle the cuttings to truly be no waste. And I doubt they are at 100%. But you liberals go ahead and continue to believe the hype, rhetoric and propoganda of the greenies.
JC January 28, 2013 at 02:41 AM
I made no comment on waste or even referred to it. If you can't be constructive -don't blog. And having once been a conservative (John Bircher and president of a conservative youth group) I can only say 'grow up' The Right wing is hostile and doesn't read.
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