Grand Finale - The Third Presidential Debate.

Both men were well-informed and strong but Romney seemed more Presidential, Obama seemed ill-spirited and petty.

Al Qaeda now has more franchises than McDonald's!   What are the takeaways from the third and final presidential debate? Questions...lots of questions.  Bob Schieffer of CBS did an okay job as moderator and the format worked.

The President seemed irritable, grouchy, disrespectful and made petty  comments as if he were running for City Council.  Governor Romney seemed composed, well informed,  patient and more presidential than the President.

For all the fuss about the so-called 'women's vote', binders and President  Obama trying to legislate lady parts, the dirty little secret begins with the League of  Women Voters having been thrown under the bus.  The League of Women Voters had moderated the  Presidential Debates in 1976, 1980 and 1984.  No more...the League has been replaced by  "The Commission of Presidential Debates" (oddly enough, run by the Democratic and  Republican Parties). Libertarians now understand why there's no inclusion for a third or fourth party. In any case, women are strong and independent.  

They are heads of households as well as  CEOs -- they don't need to have their rights legislated.  They have worked hard, fought their  way up and have crashed the infamous glass ceiling.  So thanks for the patronage, but no thanks.   We are managing well without a gender booster and dopey laws which will only make the job  creators think twice about hiring us for top-tier jobs. 'Nuff said? In one exchange between the men regarding the military, the President made  a belittling comment about how the military has changed and scoffed at the use of bayonets when the  Marines still use bayonets.

(Why is the United Nations monitoring our elections?  We Americans didn't  get the memo.  Did our Founding Fathers ever mention the goons from the United Nations?  When are they  preparing to implement their tax  on our free Internet?  Their Human Rights Council is run by Russia, China  and Cuba -- they invited Syria to join when they're finished with the geoncide of their own people they'll  consider the offer).

Why is an incumbent President not campaigning on behalf of his party  -- supporting  Democratic members of the House or Senate? They call that "firing up the base" (isn't that a drug term?).  Is he greedily hogging all the money from his own campaign?

 Whatever happened to redistributing his wealth, paying his "FAIR SHARE" and playing  by the same rules? The New York Times seemed thrilled to announce that we might be arranging a  play date with  Iran.  Wow!  Can you imagine sitting down with Ahmadinejad over a cuppa joe  at Starbuck's. having a rational conversation about enriched uranium?  I can't.  

 (I  thought we didn't negotiate  with terrorists.)  The President denied there are any talks scheduled.

Since the dictators of all those middle eastern countries have left the  building, why is the entire region including parts of north Africa exploding in chaos?  Syria, Lebanon, Saudi  Arabia, Egypt, Yemen, Libya, Tunisia, Turkey, Pah-kee-stahn, Iraq and Mali to name a few.  Both men  seemed to agree on strategies involving our future with these troubled countries.    

President Obama's evolving explanation of  BenghaziGate continues to  puzzle.  There are still too many  unanswered questions.  The President didn't offer anything new and Governor  Romney did not press for answers BTW, one always attaches "Gate" as a suffix to any scandal where the  perpetrators, body  count and damage are still unsure, "Quiddick" when they're definite. Why have so many 'green energy companies' who were given funds by the  government gone bankrupt?  Why don't energy providers put up their own capital like other  entrepreneurs do? The biggest problem with the President's foreign policy seems to be the  Arab Spring.

Yes, Joe, "Bin Laden is dead but Al Qaeda's alive!" How does the President reconcile a Nobel Peace Prize and remote-controlled  drones? The President was weakened by his record and his pettiness handing Governor  Romney a win.

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Irene DeBlasio October 23, 2012 at 03:44 PM
Bob B., From British sources I gather that Benghazi was so dangerous that all other nations with embassies and consulates in the region had pulled their people out. The request from our consulate there for additional security was denied. In addition, security was outsourced to a British firm called Blue Mountain who then outsourced the security to local Libyans. The consulate was a poorly contructed building which should never have been made a consulate. There was a safe house nearby but the ambassador and the three others who were killed apparently could not get inside. We did have help available in nearby Tripoli but they were not alerted in time to save these brave souls. A tragedy -- one that probably could not have been avoided. Now we are told that it's not safe for our FBI to investigate. If it were that unsafe, we should have closed down the consulate and brought these people home prior the anniversary of 9/11. Thank you once again for your astute observations and comments.
Traci October 23, 2012 at 07:23 PM
What is so "presidential"? You liked his tie?? Does no one actually listen to the candidates' words anymore? Obama was handed a win last night. Romney is more out of touch than we first knew. And he keeps saying he ran a company. He didn't, it was a fund, not the factory or a grocery store. And the only times he quit interrupting was when he knew he was beat. It was obvious on the second debate, too. He knows nothing but, boy, doesn't he look presidential ! Oy vey.
Bob Blanchard October 24, 2012 at 06:54 AM
Dear Traci, You have been cautioned not to drink too much of that Obama Kool-Aid. Even Mayor Bloomberg wants to limit how much you have. I respect liberals with whom I can have an honest, intelligent discussion being able to weigh the pros and cons. I'm guessing that would not include you because the mere mention of Obama and your eyes glaze over and your ears stop up. What planet are you on that you are not aware that Obama, Biden, Pinnetta and others were sitting in the Oval office IN REAL TIME watching the assault on our embassy for which additional security had been requested numerous times? And then they concocted a bull story to lie and cover it up from the American people. Of course that is the type of Presidential actions someone like you think is OK, but most of the American people don't. You should do some research and find out how many radical Islamists have visited our White House.
Irene DeBlasio October 26, 2012 at 09:01 PM
During the 7-hour siege @Benghazi, 3 requests for backup came from the ground in real time. The requests were apparently denied by the CIA the first time. We aren't sure who denied 2 additional requests but this is serious. I sincerely hope the President isn't going on the View or DWTS tomorrow and will be able to give the American people some straight answers.
William Bauer October 27, 2012 at 07:29 PM
I liked the way governor Romney restrained himself during the debate and did indeed look presidential. I only wish the incumbent President and all who surround him could acr "presidential" and let us know their involvement or lack of same with Benghazi. Instead of visiting Jay Leno visit the American people and tell the truth


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