Blog: The 3 a.m. Phone Call Finally Came

A 'spontaneous demonstration' turns into a terrorist attack turns into a botched kidnapping turns into an exchange of an ambassador for a blind sheik.

The 3 AM phone call finally came! (and guess what...nobody answered).

We give a nod to Hillary Clinton's 2008 campaign slogan
"Bin Laden is dead and Al Qaeda is on the run."

Oh yeah...Al Qaeda's got more franchises than McDonald's. but who's
Remember the iconic picture, the expressions of horror on the faces of our
leaders seated in the situation room at the White House
watching the capture and murder of bin Laden in real time?
On September 11, 2012 our consulate in Benghazi, Libya was attacked.  The
siege lasted for more than seven hours.  Our Ambassador, Christopher
Stevens and three other brave souls were murdered (Ty Woods, Sean Smith and
Glen Doherty).  Stevens had returned from dinner that night (with his
counterpart from Turkey) Terrorists were already inside the building
pouring fuel and lighting fires everywhere.  The consulate was described as a
structure which did not meet the standards of a proper embassy or
consulate.  It had alreadybeen attacked once before on June 6 and had a gaping
hole  (which allowed a group of about 40 jihadists to enter without detection). 
The CIA were stationed about a mile away.

There were two drones overhead which captured the entire massacre in real
Our Ambassador to the UN, Susan Rice, told us that there had been a
'spontaneous demonstration' in reaction to a 'vile' Internet movie.
(Her husband is Ian Cameron a producer with ABC News).  At a White House
press conference Jay Carney echoed the same story about that 'vile'
Internet movie (coincidentally, he is married to Claire Shipman, a
correspondent, again from ABC News)).  President Obama took the story to the
The administration kept ranting about the movie for a full two weeks before
the truth leaked out.  Now the alphabet networks have dropped all
references to the story as if it were a piece of fiction.  The lack of
explanation only serves to add speculation and a mysterious edge to the
With all the secrecy and darkness surrounding the attack many assume it may
have been a hit.
That 'spontaneous demonstration' was in truth a full-blown terrorist attack with rocket launchers. Three calls for security backup were denied during the
seven-hour siege.  According to Leon Panetta, they 'didn't have enough
information' about the situation and the troops were told to stand down. 
how we send our fine military, who are well-armed and well-trained, to go
into battle every day without enough advance information, and they do very
Then we have a secret letter written by President Obama to Iran?  Does he
want to negotiate with the Iran?  Was this to be the October surprise?
Did he think the American people are so gullible as to believe that we
could sit down with Ahmadinejad over a cuppa joe at Starbuck's and become
best buddies?  At one point, General Carter Ham ordered a rescue.  Did
someone higher up in authority override it?  Incidentally, General Ham was
relieved of his duty as commander of Africom.  We were told his departure
has nothing whatsoever to do with the massacre at Benghazi.  It's just
part of succession planning.  Uh huh...
Now comes word from an anonymous source that it was relly a BOTCHED
KIDNAPPING!  The sources claim that Chris Stevens was to be kidnapped and held in captivity until an offer would come to trade the infamous 'Blind Sheik'
for Ambassador Stevens just before election day.  The true October Surprise!
As luck would have it the Navy Seals answered the call to duty and went
against orders.  While they couldn't save Stevens, they did save lots of lives
that violent battle.  Enough people on the ground now know the whole truth
of this tragic situation and are spilling the beans.
Did the President watch the siege at Benghazi in real time in the situation
room at the White House?  Will the Blind Sheik win release without an
Is our national security being compromised by backroom deals and shadowy
figures?  Yes, this is worse than Watergate and the Iran-Contra affair.
When Senator John McCain heard about this attack on Benghazi he said, "It's
either a massive coverup or incompetence".  I think the American people
to know the truth.  A true patriot, it is said, protects his country
against its government.

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Rich Addams November 03, 2012 at 06:15 PM
Why would the Patch allow such irresponsible blogging on the site? The reality is it is the Republicans who kept money from going to secure the embassies, and voted to slash their budgets. You dont' see any of that in this reporting. Also, they were on the scene within 24 minutes, that came out on Friday. What's next, are you going to report the stupid rumors that Obama is gay, like the other irresponsible bloggers are doing? Where are the real voices of Studio City? Why arent' they blogging?
Cooper Hall November 03, 2012 at 07:34 PM
Once again a refusal by you to take responsibility for your comments. Frankly, I'm not surprised.
Cooper Hall November 03, 2012 at 07:36 PM
Economics. When you're losing money & desperate for material, you will quite often print anything.
Irene DeBlasio November 03, 2012 at 09:25 PM
@RichAddams @CooperHall Why don't you guys team up and write a blog? Maybe you can explain why: when the Commander in Chief needs help to knock off bin Laden, he calls on Navy Seals. When the Navy Seals want to help protect Americans the request is denied. You might want to tell us too about two previous attacks on Benghazi and a cable sent to the State Department in the middle of August warning that the consulate would not be able to withstand another attack. Security was then reduced. On 9/11/12 when the attack on the consulate began we were told that it was a 'spontaneous demonstration' (we really didn't know that much about the situation but we did know what triggered it). Right. It was a reaction to a vile Internet movie (which had already been on Youtube for several months). Uh huh...those radicals sit around watching Youtube all day, don't they?). Oops, I'm getting off topic again -- excuse me. In Vegas on 9/12 our Commander-in-Chief was on a mission, He told the crowd that, 'We had a tough night, four Americans are dead..." to paraphrase. Sorr,y but the only people who had a rough night were the four dead Americans. Yup, those radicals on twitter...always planning flash mobs with rocket launchers. The military must know that the Commander-in-Chief has their backs! We have lots of local people who are dedicated to the Democratic Party, as well as Libertaians, Greens and Constitutional. You can send an email inquiry to any editor of Patch.
Irene DeBlasio November 05, 2012 at 06:22 PM
Valerie Jarrett is now in Iran negotiating for the White House. She doesn't represent us and I applaud any effort on the part of this administration to seek peace. At the same time I feel that delicate negotiations involving this great nation should go through diplomatic channels, not through White House personnel simply because they were born in Iran. We cannot afford to sneak around behind the backs of American citizens when so much is at stake. We must step back and stop all aid to countries who hate our guts. $5 BILLION to PAH-KEE-STAHN is $5 Billion that could be cut from our budget and used here at home.


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