Sean Hennigan: Master Callibrater of Energies

Artist Laurie Freitag shares her most intuitive confidante with the world

Sean Hennigan, psychic intuitive, of the Psychic Eye Bookstore in Sherman Oaks, has been my "go-to" trusted confidante for the past 12 years. No one can get to the heart of my energetically/metaphorically/ dilemmas faster than Sean. Sean is not for everyone but when he connects with you, your soul is exposed not only to Sean, but to you.

And how many people can you say have the gift to do that?!

In my life, I see Sean, about 4x a year, when I particularly feel that my inner life  is colliding with my outer life.

Sean wastes no time, uses no cards or asks any questions. He just gets right to the heart of the issue and 10 out of 10x, he's dead on. After an hour session, I can feel release in  my neck where I usually hold tension and constriction. I'm breathing deeper and my head is cleared. And this is all through talking. It's deep soul-searching talking. It's honest and it's clear.

I feel such gratitude to have had his wise objective guidance over the years. I don't take notes when I visit his office. I let pour over me what I'm supposed to hear and weeks later, his words will come back to me. Being present in the moment is essential to "hear", to allow Sean's words to "register." I think if someone is not "connecting" with Sean, it might be that he's not telling the client what they want to hear or perhaps , the client isn't paying attention to Sean. He speaks very quickly, but he's almost looking for the right words to crack open the facade so many of us walk around living in.

I worry that Sean will write a book and be scooped up onto the book tour scene never to be seen at the Psychic Eye Bookstore again. He has been such an anchor in my life. I know of no other technique, including yoga, or professional counseling, that is able to zero in quickly on my inner constriction so quickly. And when the hour is up, my inner system is re-calibrated. Such a good feeling to go out into the world with! Inner Peace, ahhhh!

Sean has seen me change my career from working in TV news to singing in a band to working with babies to making art. Re: the art, he told me to do it my way. That simple advice is something no one had told me. Everyone else had told me to do it "this way, do it that way." There is great freedom in something saying to follow your instincts. I will share some of my latest works with you also.

Sean Hennigan

Psychic Eye Bookstore, Sherman Oaks


My works:


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Laurie Freitag January 29, 2012 at 04:51 AM
again...sorry for typos..and that is the Psychic Eye Bookstore...not the Psychic bookstore..argh!
Mike Szymanski January 29, 2012 at 05:22 AM
I'll change that!
Laurie Freitag January 29, 2012 at 09:36 AM
Thanks Mike!!!
maria muse January 30, 2012 at 06:40 PM
Sign me up! I would love to meet him. I used to go to the Psychic Eye Bookstore in La Jolla, Ca back in the early '90s.
Laurie Freitag January 31, 2012 at 03:29 PM
Go Maria!


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