Blog: BURP: Buy Until Retailers Prosper BURP? Our Own Fiscal Cliff

What would happen if we said STOP! I am not adding more debt to my life. My happiness, respect, & community is not subject to Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, or Cyber Monday marketing.

The ability to change the buying habits of a group of people is a primary goal of marketing, merchandising, and retailing professionals.  This is accomplished by using overt or subliminal communication aimed at reaching any one or more of the senses.  

Selling product would certainly seem an obvious and age old task for manufacturers, vendors , and retailers. While the skill and art of successful introduction, presentation, or even discounting  product might seem to circumvent the basic barter and trade process.  The long range goal still remains the same:  reduce inventory and increase profit in order to produce more inventory for another cycle. (not forgetting the wages, taxes, insurance, etc which are funded for all those associated with said products)

A hundred years ago, 1912;  mass marketing of holidays had not mushroomed nor would it have any effect on a society more focused on the crux of each holiday.  Mass production of consumer goods was in it’s infancy.  The graduated income tax had not invaded the wages of average citizens.   Most purchases were not paid on time.  The prominent dread at the turn of the 1900’s was disease, assaulting young children.

So today, with childhood diseases under control in the Western World; credit cards in duplicity for most households (although encumbered with high interest);  holidays secularized or defused of original focus; wages  in households doubled but taxes eating up the second earners fruits;  and manufacturing of gizmo’s and household appliances abounding with increased accessibility to all demographics.   It is the best scenario for these modern day sorcerers as they work their marketing wizardry into our minds.

BUY: replace don’t repair BUY: you'll be happy BUY: keep everything running smoothly BUY: you'll look or feel better BUY: keep the economy afloat  BUY: or else

What factors would interrupt all this spin?  Natural or economic disasters are most

BUT what would happen if consumers (AKA YOU AND I) were to say STOP!    If we said I am not going to hit or spit words at another person so I can BUY more or have first choice.  I am not going to dishonor my employer by purchasing goods and services for myself while on-the-clock.  I am not going to add more debt to what I already owe.  It is not on my shoulders to keep everyone in the retail sector afloat if I ONLY purchase on Friday or Saturday or  Monday or Tuesday.  

We need to GET. Get rid of consumer indigestion (can we say gluttony?).  Get back the holidays, get back family celebrations, reduce our national & personal debt, and most of all GET BACK our own thoughts and process to attain satisfaction and happiness. 

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