A 58-Year Love Story That Began in Studio City

Jeri Palmer met the love of her life at a shoe shop in Studio City.

Jeri Palmer was born in Vermillion, Ohio on Feb. 21, 1925 and moved to Studio City with her family soon after.

She worked at a shoe store in Studio City, where according to her family, "she met Richard Palmer (Dick) when she sold him a pair of 13B's. Dick fondly talks about seeing Jeri climbing upon the ladder in the shoe store to retrieve a pair of shoes for him to try on."

The story goes: "He loved how her long pony tail would swish back and forth as she walked down the street in Studio City."

Jeri married Richard Palmer in 1954 and they had one daughter, Kim and they moved to Santa Barbara. She died on Jan. 13, but their love story is still remembered fondly.

Read the whole story and obit by CLICKING HERE.

cassie February 14, 2013 at 07:48 AM
Seriously??? Patch has sunken to a new "journalistic" low by snagging a "story" from the obit from another media outlet and making it into a headline story. Ridiculous and shameful.


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