Do You Expect The Worst?

Are you loath to proclaim possible successes before they come to fruition for fear you might jinx them? Do you wait to announce noble news, concerned that if you jump the gun and nothing materializes, you’ll be deemed a failure?

Do you tip toe around your birthday, surmising you‘re not worthy of celebrating? Do you conceal commendations because you don’t want to be called a ‘braggart’ and were raised to perceive self praise and boasting as transgressions?

Are you averse to announce you’re in love, just in case it doesn’t last? Do you delay talking about that special someone until you're engaged? Do you refrain from saying “I Love You” until he/she says it first, in an attempt to thwart potential rejection?

Numerous couples spend their time together with one foot constantly out the door. They never fully rejoice in the preciousness of their sweetheart, terrified it will be over in a flash. They gear up for the inevitable, assuming the hurt will be less painful if they haven’t completely committed in psyche and soul.

With these suppositions, can you sincerely enjoy and embrace those in your intimate circle? Is cherishing the gifts you’ve been given on a daily basis ever viable? Is it plausible to welcome the glory when you’re predominantly inclined to invite the gloom?

Many individuals live by preparing for the worst. They avoid anticipating a high-quality occurrence so they won’t be disappointed if things don’t go as planned. 

This group feels better taking on a negative stance. They’re extremely uncomfortable imagining a positive outcome, convinced optimistic attitudes skew results in favor of melancholy endings.

Have you lost the ability to wish and hope? Are you afraid to aspire and dream? Are you so consumed with what peers and cohorts think, you’re blocked from moving forward?

Are you reluctant to spend moments in an eager or enthusiastic state unless you’re absolutely certain of what will transpire? Have you ceased smiling today lest tomorrow turns out to be a bummer?

Do you interpret situations through dark glasses or bright and sunny lenses? Do you believe your thoughts are all powerful and can change the course or influence the conclusion of life’s happenings

Are you convinced a cheerful focus will bring about unfavorable consequences? Are you persistently waiting for the other shoe to drop?   

Adopting this pose, literally and figuratively cuts you off from the sunlight of the spirit, preventing you from accessing your intuition and gut instinct, which are vital to restoration.

Even if you experience an exciting event, you’re so rooted in pessimism, comprehending authentic pleasure is beyond your reach.

While your viewpoint thus far, may have shielded you from being let down, has it hindered you from learning lessons or reveling in the advantages of disillusionment?

What exactly are the pluses in not getting what you want right away or in the precise manner you desire? 

For one, you can practice patience. Secondly, you can concentrate on inner contentment rather than depending on outer circumstances to define your bliss. Thirdly, a majority of creative spurts arise during dismal periods, frequently providing motivation to confront demons and process lifelong esteem and abandonment issues.

What you perceive as a dim and doom scenario may often be the best, acting as a catalyst for transformation and enlightenment. How do you reconcile the maxim, “there’s always something good in something bad?”

A daunting, objectionable incident can conceivably build constructive character traits, e.g. humility, tolerance, trust, dignity, confidence, flexibility.

Contemplate these instances: you have a car accident, crashing into a man/woman that becomes your future spouse; you lose a job only to be notified your ailing parent has been diagnosed with cancer and needs your help; you break up with your lover, go to a bar to drown your sorrow, and meet Mr./Ms. Right.

How difficult is to change your current outlook and position? If it’s been a perpetual posture, it won’t be easy to alter. Comparable to breaking any unhealthy habit, valuable tools include: behavior modification, meditation, visualization, journaling, support systems, replacement methods. 

When you’re trapped in a negative mind-set, try picturing yourself in a place where you once felt carefree, content, safe and secure. Discover your happy space, whether it’s Disneyland, angels in the outfield, a romantic candlelit dinner, a trip to Fiji, or cuddling and spooning with your main squeeze.

Reprogramming your brain requires the courage to relinquish the angst that you might not get what you crave or that what you possess will be taken away. Worries only exist when dwelling on the future. Everything is in perfect order in the here and now.

Surrendering apprehension about what's round the corner requires retraining yourself to concentrate on the present. That’s where you’ll encounter relief and a sense that conditions are copacetic. After alleviating unwarranted anxiety, you’ll acquire clarity and realize the world isn’t scary, but wonderful and full of wonder. 

You will grasp the notion that if something doesn’t proceed as you intended, it means the universe has a superior design in store, e.g. a more suitable partner, cozy home, lucrative job.

There’s a natural flow and abundance that lies ahead. Albeit the specifics may not fill your cup of tea, you’ll fathom beneficial prospects. When you tune into life’s rhythm you’ll discover the ideal melody for you, producing harmony and synchronization.

Singles Suggestion for the Week:  On or before Thanksgiving Day, express thanks by telling someone face to face you adore, appreciate, and admire them. For every reasonable risk you take, another significant connection you make.          


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