Doorbell Ring Burglaries

View from my front door via my Skybell to my iPhone
View from my front door via my Skybell to my iPhone
I want to share an interesting gadget I found. I have no affiliation to the company, nor do I think its perfect but I'm having success with it and want to share. Its a Doorbell that connects to your Smartphone via wifi. When someone rings the doorbell, you can SEE, HEAR and TALK (both directions) to the person at your front door. This connection works if your home or not. You could be in another state and communicate with a person at your door...AND take a snapshot of them. Its called Skybell. Not cheap $200. Easy to install. Remove your old doorbell button, hook up the wires. Skybell connects via your home WiFi which was also painless to set up. Im sure the picture quality is good enough to make Officer Lewis smile.


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