Enrique Iglesias Sulks, Kellan Lutz Bulks, Nicole Richie Spins & Predicting Oscar Wins

Also seen around The SC this week were Eva Longoria, Ellen Pompeo, Kim Kardashian, Mario Lopez and more.

For someone who has just kicked off his “Euphoria” tour, Spanish singer Enrique Iglesias seemed a little low-key and sad after his two-days playing at the' Gibson Amphitheater last weekend.

Fans followed him around when he walked with friends up and down Universa City Walk late after one of his performances, and some posed for pictures with him and later Tweeted that he seemed rather “low-key” and “somewhat sad.” It certainly can’t be about his music—he just got a double platinum certification for his latest ninth album that went on sale last July.

No word if he saw his Heartbeat co-singer who spends part of her time in Studio City, or if she just said, “If I don’t see you in town, don’t Hold it Against Me” (the name of her latest track). . . .

is getting super bulked out at a Studio City gym these days and he doesn’t mind showing it off. Photographers are following him out of the gym to his car almost every other day as he plans to continue his role as Emmett Cullen in the Twilight series. It looks like the two-part Twilight: Breaking Dawn may have a few topless vampire scenes, and they certainly don’t want to be beat by the hunky werewolves.

It looks like this Studio City resident may also inherit the Jason Bourne roles from and could be up for The Bourne Legacy action star role, and that could also be a reason for the recent interest in getting stronger . . . .

seems to want more of a than she’s getting when she’s caught by the cameras between her local home and her local gym in Studio City. Lately, she is just holding up her hands or her sweaty towel, and asking to be left alone when shutterbugs catch her coming and going between workouts. In the gym, Nicole’s favorite thing to do is a spin class, and this week she stopped for sushi for lunch with hubby . . .

Quick Spots

  • was seen by this Tweeter on Ventura Boulevard and she seemed rather chipper despite all the press about her recent divorce.  No, this local housewife didn’t seem desperate at all, and in fact, catch some local shops to be seen in an upcoming Desperate Housewives episode. , , ,
  • Local gal is usually bright an shiny, but has been appearing in Studio City (this week anyway) twice wearing dark tones (all black, on one day), and her hair is a shade darker, too. She’s dating 27-year-old actor Alex Beh and spoke to recently on her show about her new film Wait Till Helen Comes . . .
  • sneaked into for a special class and a special show for the CW called H8r (Hater). It’s about just-regular people who say they really hate a celeb and then the show introduces them and you're supposed to find out the star is not all that bad. Former fellow junketeer Mario Lopez is one of the hosts and was there at the Studio City location to intro Kim to hater-fan Dena, who found the Kardashian sister “not all that bad.”
  • owner Lisa Paskel was quoted as saying, “If we can help people bust through their ignorance, I'm willing to participate. People are so filled with judgment and hate before they even know somebody. To take the time to get to know somebody—whether it's a celebrity or an everyday human being—that's so important. It's easy to be a hater and not treat people with respect.” . . . .
  • also became a Studio City gym rat regular this week, and said she’s been coming to the area to work out regularly.  The sexy mom on Grey’s Anatomy is working on a new feature film project. . . .

has predicted the Academy Awards since I was not even old enough to see a PG movie alone—more than four decades. (And now, we can walk over the hill and go down to them!) In the past two decades, when getting paid for doing it, I’ve had about a dozen friends who are actual Academy voters who tell me what they’re leaning toward so I can get a sense of what the trend may be. (My friends in the Academy are fairly eclectic, and most of their votes are never what the whole group picks anyway.)

However, this year, the split seems so diverse, and so uneven, that it’s Mr. Studio City’s prediction that Toy Story 3 can win both Best Animated Feature and  Best Picture.

Tom Hanks and lots of the voice talent don’t have loyalties to the other big contenders—King’s Speech, The Fighter and Social Network—and so many people loved it, so I bet it could squeak in there and win.

The other categories seem so easy this year. Colin Firth was snubbed last year and will win as a stutterer this year as Best Actor for The King’s Speech, and Natalie Portman of Black Swan will be the second actor from any of the Star Wars movies to win an Oscar except for Sir Alec Guinness, and she will win Best Actress. The Supporting Actor and Actress wins will go to Melissa Leo and Christian Bale for The Fighter, but none of those movies are good enough to win Best Picture.

So, my theory is that they’ll give David Fincher an Oscar finally for Best Director for The Social Network, and the night will be a mixed bag with no clear winner, and Toy Story 3 will walk away with two of the night’s biggest wins. You read it here, first! Have fun watching!


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