Good, Bad & Downright Odd Stories in Studio City Over the Past Year

Not in any particular order, you have to revisit some of these stories.

It’s impossible to recount all the fantastic stories over the past year, or even  figure out the most important, but here are moments you may want to relive with me.


Mike’s Introduction Video 


The First Story



We've covered andand and and


The Politicians . . . 

Strangest Place I’ve ever Seen Tom LaBonge (walking up to a Hollywood Hills fire in the  middle of the night)


Oddest Outfit I’ve Seen Wendy Greuel in (donning waitress wear at Du-par’s)


Funniest Place to Chat with Paul Koretz (at a Lucy Museum opening)


Most Amazing Tour of Studio City (with Paul Krekorian)


Most Amazing Tour of Studio City (without Paul Krekorian)



Cruising Down the River . . .

Strangest Thing To Float Down the L.A. River


Strangest Thing to Fall Into the L.A. River


Strangest Thing Over the River (the Colfax Bridge)



Local Monsters & Legends . . .


Strangest Creature that Ran Loose in Studio City


Most Dangerous Creature that Ran Loose in Studio City


Most Dangerous Creatures that Still Run Loose in Studio City


Scariest Times . . . 



Most Heartbreaking  . . .


Most Inspirational. . .




Pets & Fire


Pets & Fire with a happier ending




Stuff so bizarre you couldn’t make it up . . .



Studio City Record Breakers



Irony . . .


Best Celebrity Mosh . . .


Best Regular Celebrity Mosh . . . 


Local Heroes . . .


And many more  . . .

Miki Henderson September 13, 2011 at 05:13 PM
Mike, I think you missed a few great stories your people did, like the Carpenter Lockdown where you kept us infomred minit by minit about the closure, and the school budget cuts of the programs at Reed and the Universal Expansion fiasco...all great stuff!!!!!
Irene DeBlasio September 14, 2011 at 02:56 AM
Mike, For me the most memorable article in Patch was your historical treatment of 'carmageddon' -- you did a masterful job. You should place it in competition against any of the work done by the big boys!


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