Hilary Duff Worries, Ashley Greene Scurries; Slash and George Lopez Eat Mex, Alex Skarsgard Works Pecs

Also spotted around Studio City this week: Justin Timberlake, Kristen Stewart, Andrew Dice Clay and more.

It couldn’t be more silly, or more perfect for —a comedian was working on some material at on Ventura Boulevard when none other than Andrew Dice Clay came in and was talking loudly about how he was working on a rap song.

According to the comic, “Andrew Dice Clay was looking for a word to rhyme with ‘’ like for something about the . He was asking the whole coffeehouse.”

Had he known about the famous rhyming titles of as this comic knew, then Clay could have come to us, inspiring this ditty:

When Andrew Dice Clay needs to look for a rhyme,

He should check this column just about any time,

He asked for a rhyme that makes sense with “Jonas,”

Next time don’t worry, you just have to phone us!

Local starlet is worried about seizures that her little dog Lola, a Chihuahua, is having. Over the past few days, starting Wednesday, the pup has been shivering and shaking, and one report said that she took the dog to the (but no one there would confirm that report, of course, due to privacy issues.)

Anyway, Duff is asking fans to pray for Lola via her Twitter, and she repeated that request when fans saw her out and about on Saturday afternoon in The S.C. . .  .




Singer/songwriter and’s ex played at for a benefit.


* Djimon Hounsou smiling and posing for pix with two fans coming out of after a late lunch.

* True Blood hunk Alexander Skarsgard reportedly moved in somewhere locally and is a regular at a local gym. He’s trying to hide behind his sunglasses, but that didn’t stop people from recognizing him this past Monday before he went in to flex his pecs.


Wearing very cool cut-off’s was coming out of a café in Studio City, followed by a bunch of photographers.


tells an interviewer (who asked us to remain anonymous), “I live in Studio City and love it and there are celebs all the time in stores and no one bothers us. People have the attitude that if there isn’t a red carpet, don’t bother us, and that’s nice.”


leaves her favorite home-away-from-home workout spot at the gym. This time, rather than at least stopping for a few shots with the photographers, she sprinted for the front door, and then later to her car, obviously in a hurry.


* UPN’s Girlfriends actress Tracee Ellis Ross without any friends coming out of a local gym.

Audrina Patridge from The Hills went in for a mani/pedi at .


* American Idol’s was having dinner on Saturday night at with friends.

* In top model form, Gisele Bundchen went out for a weekend workout very early in the morning with a trainer.


Shopping at the , Sara Gilbert and Brett McKenzie of Flight of the Concords fame, both accompanied by “adorable kiddos,” according to a witness.

Just this afternoon, a tweet: “Little birdy told us Leann Rimes & Eddie Cibrian are atStudio City right now "he's cute, she's way too skinny."


Playboy model Claire Sinclair celebrated her 20th birthday at , the sushi restaurant, but they were very careful not to drink any alcohol whatsoever . . .

The dynamic duo of Slash and (see the video above) were seen last Thursday having lunch at , eating their favorite Mexican dishes. The Guns ‘N Roses guitarist is good buddies with Lopez and has appeared many times on his show . . .

Speaking of dynamic duo, even though they filed for divorce in Feburary,and are still out and about with their children almost every weekend. The local couple separated after only two years, but they’re in local parks with their children, and out shopping. The Fall Out Boy’s Pete went out to , a new boutique, with son, , and was at the petting zoo at the with a nanny and a cast on his arm.

Finally, check out some of the photos of locals at the , including (and ex ), , and others in the Photo Gallery above.

Also, this weekend at the box office did well for some local folk! and her newcomer co-star (and Studio City resident) y did number one inat the box office this weekend raking in $37 million.

However, landed in seventh place with only $6.3 million.


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