John Walker Declares Victory Over Redistricting

Also, Austin Beutner, running for mayor, speaks at the next Studio City Neighborhood Council meeting on Wednesday.

Dear Community: 

This past Friday, March 16, 2012 at City Council, the was taken on Redistricting and we won! 

First, I want to thank all those who showed up at the Chamber and, from what I have been told, the over 250 of you who sent in emails!

For all that support, we are pleased to announce a Victory! This should not have turned into a political campaign, but it did. Remember, even though both the Metro and the Campo De Cahuenga are recognized as being in Studio City by the United States Postal Service, through some political machination, it was sliced off and relocated into another Council District more than 15 years ago. 

So when we started this process, we had nothing. After a great deal of time, phone calls, mutual collaboration and quite literally,in the Chamber itself, the end result is: Studio City has 99% of all residences in CD2. 

We now have control over the Metro, and jointly, with CD4, share in the Campo

No development can occur that does not come through us first! 

That will be specific in the language to be drafted. We also gained two parks and the rest of the residences on Whipple. In short, we got exactly what we wanted! 

When you start with nothing, and walk away with almost everything we wanted - you cannot look at this as a compromise. For us, our community, and our future families in this community, this was a major accomplishment. 

It was accomplished with your help and a community really coming together with a common goal. It is often so easy to *just let the other guy do it*, but this time, that did not happen. This time, our community demonstrated what can happen when all voices are directed towards the same results.

Going to the Redistricting Commission meetings - standing up to speak - contacting our elected officials - sending in emails - all of that made a real difference. Our City Council-member, Paul Krekorian and his staff worked tirelessly with us to make this happen. He heard our voices and helped champion this cause. 

I would also like to say that we welcome and appreciate the opportunity to work with our neighbors in Toluca Lake. Many of whom I have had the pleasure of working with in the past, and look forward to doing that again in the future.

Finally, this coming Wednesday, March 21 at the CBS Studio Center Lot, is our regularly scheduled Board meeting. We have a special guest speaker, Mr. Austin Beutner who is running for Mayor of our City.

Come and hear what he has to say and ask questions.

Now that you are involved, stay involved! Let's make this Wednesday a Celebration for Studio City - show up at 6:30pm and take part in our free Buffet Dinner through the courtesy of Micelli's Restaurant.

 With Great Appreciation and Respect, 

John Walker

President, SCNC

Craig Clough March 20, 2012 at 04:16 PM
It seems rather sad to me that redistricting has to be about winners and losers, Mr. Walker, instead of fairness and equality. No one on any side of this ugly, horrid mess, either downtown at City Hall or in the meetings of your neighborhood council seemed to ever consider this fact. Everyone involved in this has come out looking dirtier, and I don't think you realize that yet. I don't quite understand why you think zip codes and the US Postal Service has ANYTHING to do with Los Angeles neighborhood boundaries. I'm also wondering what your response to Guy Weddington-McCreary's comments are - “Frankly, I just don’t trust the Studio City Neighborhood Council or the Studio City Residents Association and I think they will undermine what we have done with the Campo de Cahuenga and make a power grab.” Your own words here have done nothing but given more weight to his comments. Congrats on your "victory" sir and your successful land grab.


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