Justin Bieber Plays Mean, Eddie Murphy Likes Bean; Barbara Eden Reads Book, Chris Noth Won’t Cook

Also video of Miley Cyrus shopping at Trader Joe’s, Neil Patrick Harris loves his Studio City sushi and Vanessa Hudgens at Mare’ka.

looks very domesticated setting upin Studio City by going to with her boyfriend Then, the couple went to . They didn’t stop to talk to the press. . . .

headed to Mare’ka’s and her very healthy food in Studio City. Lauren Adams also played there at a private birthday party. This is a place where you can also get incredible lectures on healthy foods, being green and more, and it’s a place to get a free zodiac reading on Monday nights . . .



was wearing a “Paris” T-shirt while leaving her gym in Studio City . . .

had room for leftovers while eating at the . . .

may have moved out of Studio City (to nearby Sherman Oaks), but that doesn’t mean he has abandoned The SC all together. He Tweeted: “Things I dig: Sushi. Sitting at the bar being served amazing fish, Omakase-style, is the best. in Studio City is my current #1.”

plays a mean game of basketball. Yeah, the Studio City-based boy is a sportsman. And, he’s competitive. He flew to Atlanta to help with a charity basketball game, and during the game, he Tweeted:

We were down and then made a crazy comeback and even my man @carmeloanthony tried to win it at the end and couldnt take #teambieber. we made a lot of money for #charity today at the game. thanks to everyone who supported and to @ludacris for living as an example to others.”

Then, The Bieb flew off to New York to be involved with the in Manhattan. His girlfriend, also from Studio City, was in tow at both events. . . .

of  not only hangs out at the , but he is also known to hang out at the Studio City Library. He is not one to take the heat, and won't cook out in this weather. Especially since the temperatures have been hitting triple digits, the library is a great place to stay cool,  browse through a few books and even pick up a few DVDs. . . .

I Dream of Jeannie star was also at the this past week, but the reason was for a reading in the Distinguished Speakers series and she attracted nearly a full house reading from her bio Jeannie Out of the Bottle. It’s a timely event since her Jeannie co-star Larry Hagman is about to bring back Dallas.

took a wonderful and weird trip with Barbara, her husband and a few other celebrities to Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands back in the 1990s, and did an interview on one of the very deserted islands, where a two-foot blue-footed Booby bird walked between us on the towel we were sitting on during the interview. It was one of the strangest things that I’ve ever seen. Then I convinced Barbara to do her Jeannie blink for me on the beach. (See the photo).

Another photo that is kind of a classic is with Barbara and British naughty girl pop star Samantha Fox as we were touring a hospital for orphan children in Ecuador. Singer Rick Springfield, actor Dirk Benedict, South American superstar Fernando Carrillo and Octopussy Bond girl Kristina Wayborn were all part of the tour. It was a very bizarre couple of weeks, but a fascinating trip, and Barbara said she remembers it fondly... 

Eddie Murphy, when he was working nearby on Universal’s Nutty Professor and Doctor Dolittle movies, and when he was involved with the Disney Studios Haunted Mansion, would often be a fixture in Studio City (particularly at a club that isn’t in existence anymore).  But, he’s always stopping by for coffee. As recently as a few months ago, he was snapped by photographers getting take-out at not one , but all. He also enjoyed

Eddie is going to host the next Academy Awards with X-Men: The Last Stand director Brett Ratner as the director of the show. Do you think that’s a good idea? Let us know in the COMMENTS area below.

(See video above of Eddie Murphy around Studio City, Miley Cyrus at Trader Joe's and photos of Justin Bieber and more.)

Ilona Saari September 10, 2011 at 04:09 PM
And I still like to hit Gelson's on the oft chance I can feast my eyes on Andy Garcia while buying stuff for one of my husband's feast. ;o)


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