Lack of Holiday Spirit in Studio City

It is nice they do this but I sure miss the Holiday Parade AND STREET DECORATIONS. Too bad the Chamber can't get it together.

This event felt no different than anything else, same stage set up, same vendor booths, etc...nothing to even say "Holiday/Christmas".

I grew up here and remember we used have Christmas Light Garlands with Red Bells in the center and tinsel strung across Ventura Blvd from about Radford to Coldwater. A "tunnel" of lights...so festive. WHAT HAPPENED TO THOSE LIGHTS?? 

It has been YEARS since Studio City got all gussied up for the Holidays

Today, there are NO street/light decorations...NOTHING!!! Oh, maybe they did hang a small flag banner from the lights but if you aren't looking, you won't see them! When you drive on Ventura now, you wouldn't even know it was the holidays if it wasn't for your calendars!!

The only decorations are in the store windows...

Maybe our Chamber should check out around LA LIVE and Staples Center...or the Grove. They have small white lights strung through the trees and it looks so festive and pretty. LA LIVE is usually lit up like this all year long.

The Ventura Corridor in Studio City is boring.
How sad for us...Studio City is the Gem of the Valley...but it has stopped shining!


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