Lying to Instigate Apathy

Mark Reed has carefully articulated the truth
Mark Reed has carefully articulated the truth
The last days before an election are always heightened with reprehensible tactics.

The timing of press releases and mailers are acutely tuned to the psychology of lying just enough to create doubt, lying just enough to cause apathy (why bother to vote), and then eliminating, fabricating, and exaggerating  facts in order to lie without "really lying"

So if you have rec'd the piece with innuendo's that Donnelly is on probation for Larceny read it carefully  - two separate incidents separated by 20 years.  The one incident has to do with carrying a gun into the airport - well reported by newspapers in 2012. The lawmaker has characterized the incident as an "honest mistake," saying he had forgotten to remove the gun from his briefcase after placing it there while working in his home garage. On Monday, his lawyer, Rod Pacheco, described the plea bargain as a fair resolution to the case
 The other is an incident explained in this news article: http://blogs.sacbee.com/capitolalertlatest/2014/03/tim-donnelly.html

Or another piece about Mark Reed being an indicted criminal or  convicted felon.
Not true - he is allowed to carry a gun as part of duties when working with the LA Police department. Convicted ...indicted are complete fabrications and libelous remarks,  of an incident explained by Mark Reed:  http://www.electmarkreed.com/newgenerationresponse 

   Don't buy into the maleficent marketing guru who drummed up these pieces with the sole intention for you to cast a reactionary vote based on fabrication and lies.


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