James Marsden Joking, Claudia Wells Smoking; Steve Carell Swinging, Ashley Tisdale Singing

Also mentions of Vanessa Hudgens, Ellen Pompeo, William Shatner, the Fanning sisters and more.

It was a perfect star moment. We’re sitting outside the store on Ventura Boulevard s, talking about the paparazzi who are always chasing people up and down this section of Ventura Boulevard. It was here I saw them chase in a hoodie and carrying a purple mat as she was going to the. The dozen or so photographers were shouting at her and snapping pictures and then they disappeared almost as quickly as she did into the door of the yoga place. I got a card to ask one of the photographers if I could do a ride-along with them one day, so stay tuned.

“They swarm out of nowhere and just disappear, it’s the strangest thing,” said Claudia, who had her share of bothersome photographers in her hey-dey playing ’s girlfriend in the first and best movie (and more). (By the way, Michael lived up the hill around the corner froms old place that’s now owned by from Survivor.) Claudia actually befriended some of the more infamous photographers who had shot her since she was a teen.

Anyway, while we sat there near her discount rack of bargain designer clothes, a certain assistant of one of the judges for American Idol came by to talk about how he loved the clothes she bought for the shoot of their promo commercial. I’m not supposed to say who the celebrity shopper is, but liked the judge’s jacket, and loved his shoes, andloved the style…oh, did I give it away? He’s the Randy-est of the judges.

And, does smoke? No, not really, and generally only with celebrities—like with Jason Priestley in the Men’s Bathroom, and at the airport and the best moment sharing a cigarette with Catherine Deneuve on a balcony in Toronto. So, hanging out with Claudia is always a trip, and even though she may be double her age since , she is still pretty smoking hot . . .

Scene Around The S.C. . . .



was taking her niece out to a restaurant with a stroller. They grabbed a bite to eat. (See photos above and singing.)


Grey’s Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo had some big smiles for the camera people as she headed to the gym to work out.


, while on his book tour, told a reporter about his new concept album, based in outer space, tentatively titled: Seeking Major Tom. . . .


How nice to seestill hanging around town. She is going to Campbelll Hall, where her sister graduated from last year.


headed to yoga class in Studio City. Photographers caught her off guard asking about her new boyfriend .



(who lives in the area) and his Up All Night co-star were seen shopping together along Ventura Boulvard.


at the .

Disney gal has a lot to sing about. The former High School Musical star who dated fellow local res , just inked a deal as star and co-exec producer for a kind-of semi-autobiographical series Under Construction for ABC. Tisdale is to play a young woman who buys a fixer-upper house that needs major work so she has to move back in with her parents during the renovations. (Her parents Lisa and Mike actually live in Studio City.) . . .

was spooked about a rape in Studio City and it scared her enough to sign up with her daughter to take the Stilettos and Self Defense workshop. The guy was captured, and more than 30 women were signed up for the class, and Teri ended up bailing on the class, for now . . .

X-Men star  James Marsden   (who played Cyclops) wasn’t myopic about making things look all hunky-dory while strolling through Studio City with his estranged wife Lisa Linde and their 10-year-old son Jack. Although being married for more than a decade, they filed for divorce. Yet, while walking along Ventura Boulevard, they all held hands and seemed like a perfect family. They also have a 6-year-old daughter who wasn’t around . . .

loved living in Studio City at 4146 Farmdale Ave. and he built it himself (well, with his specifications) in 2003. Then, he didn’t move far and bought a $6.5 million mansion from film producer Michelle Stabile that is 6,637 square feet. It’s not surprising, but whenever he could, he had location shoots near his home—including the photo found taken at a Studio City Park (we think ) with the cast of the The Office. . . .

One of the coolest local spots that seems to be jamming now is the young jam session going on in the back room at on Thursday. Super talented sax player and his friends are playing for only a $5 cover charge and the music is fine! Look for a story soon about it, and we spotted our columnist there.


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