MUFON to View UFO Footage Gathered by Diana Perla Chapa Tonight

The April speaker is Diana Perla Chapa, a researcher and UFO group leader from Monterrey, Mexico.

The April speaker of the Mutual UFO Network of Los Angeles is Diana Perla Chapa, a researcher and UFO group leader from Monterrey, Mexico.

She is speaking Tuesday night April 16 at the Unitarian Universalist Church at 12355 Moorpark St. and the cost is $15.

According to the group:

We are very pleased to have Diana Perla Chapa as our featured speaker for April. Chapa is very well known in Mexico as a UFO investigator and television host.

For the past decade, she has been the Director of the UFO Club of Nuevo Leon, which is based in Monterrey, Mexico. Her first UFO encounter at age nine gave her a profound interest in the UFO subject. At this point, she has been researching for more than 30 years on a not-for-profit basis.

Chapa is a very scrupulous field researcher and a knowledgeable analyst of videos, photographs and film. She will be discussing a variety of Mexican UFO cases with us, and showing UFO footage rarely been seen in the U.S., including some that she shot herself.

She will also touch on the worldview of the ancient Mayans, along with the significance of the pyramidal shape and its relation to sightings witnessed in her home state of Nuevo Leon. She will also discuss and show video of the “Witch of Monterrey,” a case involving a strange, flying black shape that resembles a witch or “brujo.”

Chapa is best known as the host of the television program, ”Mujeres.” She has worked in a variety of capacities over her 25 year career in television–as host, moderator, coordinator, director and producer. Her shows first appeared on regional TV and later could be seen nationwide in Mexico.

Eventually, her cable shows were syndicated throughout most of Latin America. She has been recognized as the first woman to cover the UFO subject in the Mexican mass media. In the early days, she put her career on the line to share her UFO research with the public. Chapa has also been a champion for women’s rights and an advocate against domestic violence, sponsoring a number of initiatives in this regard.

Her motto is: “Because we know, not because we believe.”


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