Out of Gas, Money and My Mind! The Day I Broke Into My Daughter's Piggy Bank!

What's a single mom to do when she has a camp to get to, a donut to buy, a series to pitch, a car to fill up and no money to draw on? Everything and anything.

I knew I was taking a chance when we left that morning, but for some reason I thought I was going to pull a Tabitha and think that maybe if I  crossed my hands and blinked a few times money would appear in my debit card and I would be able to fill up my car with gas to get through what was going to be a long, and many miles to drive day.  No such luck. 

First on the agenda was getting Hannah to her day camp. Her camp that her father picked. Her camp that was a two minute drive from her father's house and a 40-minute drive from mine.  Camp that was three days a week. 

Let's do the numbers, that's two 40-minute drives three days a week (of course, that's if there's no traffic and there is ALWAYS traffic)...  So, that's two two-hour drives, three days a week, during a summer where gas is roughly $3.19 a gallon and I happen to drive an SUV because... well, I'm cool.  And stupid. 

I bought the car when I had a job on a TV show and thought it was not fair to all those wealthy writers and producers and actors  to have to see me drive up in a beaten up automobile missing a side-view mirror with stickers in the windows from Hannah's personal toddler collection.  So, I purchased the spanking new SUV and have been tossing money down it's friggin' tank ever since.

Anyway,  Hannah and I have a routine for camp days. We stop at the donut shop around the corner from her camp and she buys her usual glazed sixty cent donut and shoves it in her mouth before hitting the fun-filled, water-play, horseback riding, bumper-car-racing, group-singing, bow-and-arrow-shooting, magic-show watching, theme-inspired day.

Did I mention her father picked this outrageously-priced (yet, my daughter is desperately in love with it and one day wants to be a councelor there) day camp? I did.  Okay, as for mom, I had a very, VERY big televison pitch to deliver at ABC studios that day. Yes, I am soooo important.

So, this was no time to be poor. But, poor I was.  I had zero gas in my car.  Zero money in my bank account. Zero change in the car, and yet, I believed if I wished hard enough that damn gas station swiper thingy would magically approve my card, I'd fill her up, worry about it later, get Hannah, her donut and her sweet Harry Potter-themed ass to camp (a costume that cost more forty bucks and all I could think was that those friggin glasses and flying broom doohicky should be filling up my tank right now!)

And, why did the themes always land on the days Hannah was with me? I mean, couldn't her dad have to fork out some dough on a costume once in awhile? Not to mention after getting her to camp I still had to turn around and get my butt showered, dressed, and looking hip, young and successful...  oh, whatever, get showered and dressed would suffice. Get to that beautiful studio where Mickey and his friends dwell and of course sell my pitch so then I will never have to worry about gas again... or at least not for another season.

Do I need to say my plan did not go as I hoped? There we were at the Studio City gas station on the corner of Radford and Ventura and I could not even squeeze a drop into my car.  Hannah was  fixing her Harry Potter scarf when I said, "Baby, we need to go back home for a second. Mommy forgot something" (yeah, like money, a stable career,  her mind, etc).

I got us back home (thank God the gas station is right on the corner), told Hannah to wait while I ran inside for a second.  Okay, folks, here it comes, I ran upstairs like lightning and went to the only room in the house that I knew had money. My daughter's.  I crawled into her closet, opened her fuzzy pink piggy bank (which is not a pig at all, but rather some strange oval shaped thing she got as a hand-me-down from someone who clearly had no taste) and dumped the change out.

Now, keep in mind, technically, this is my money because it's change Hannah has collected from around the house, my purse, my drawers, my pants, but she has deemed it hers and I have to say in this moment I am extremely grateful for my daughter's excellent job of cleaning up after her mom. I managed to get exactly six dollars in change for gas, and sixty cents extra for her donut. 

Jump back in the car, back to the station, dumped the pennies, nickels, quarters and dimes on the attendants counter, put the gas in, watched as my gas line literally went from being below empty to simply empty, and took off for camp... Hannah having no idea all the while. 

So, Hannah chattered away in the back, I sat in front wondering, how am I going to get through this day? Forget day—how am I going to get home? I swear, I can now see how a woman can turn to prostitution in a minute.

I mean, I knew if I offered that attendant a quicky that would certainly get me at least half a tank, right? And then I remembered—while answering Hannah's questions about meteroites and singing along with Pink—(it's amazing how mom's can kick into automatic pilot mom while in the midst of a mental nervous breakdown), I remembered that huge "We Give Cash for Gold" place I had driven by for years on Burbank. I mean, years I have wondered, "Do they really buy gold? Really?" Well, my friends, today, mama was going to find out.

I had been carrying around this gold necklace in my glove compartment for a few months thinking maybe in a real emergency I'll stop into that place and see if what they say is true. After all, it was a necklace I never wore that my ex gave me that belonged to his stepmother whom he never liked and who never liked me, so it had absolutely no sentimental value at all and for all I know was possibly cursed and the very reason for my string of bad luck.  Could it be worth anything? Would they buy it—if buying gold is really what they do? 

Still singing to Pink we pulled into the donut shop,  I handed Hannah her 60 cents (60 cents that could've given me a tad more gas, damnit!), and watched as my beautiful happy daughter hopped out, went into the shop, grabbed her morning donut, and hopped back in the car, her Harry Potter wand never leaving her side.

I got her to camp, explained mommy couldn't park today and go in with her (hell, the car may never start again), so kisses and out she went, off to have the time of her life... and, c'mon parents, isn't that really what it's all about??

I hit the pedal for that gold shop. Feeling the car rumble and shake, sucking on the bits of juice I fed it. I didn't care I was in my pajamas, hell, I bet most people who enter these places are in their pajamas. I placed that necklace on the counter and said, "What can I get for this?"

I felt like a ganster. It was kind've exciting. The man smiled, with his eyeglass to his eye, and carried it to the back. When he returned he tried to make small talk... was he flirting? Dude, I'm in my pj's asking for money, clearly I'm not a catch. But, screw it, I banged out the flirty smile, and hoped my sweetness might add to the deal.

"Eighty dollars," he said. "I'll take it!"  So, what'dya know... they do give cash for gold. I filled up my tank like a superstar, showed up for my pitch, "Yeah, that's right... I drove here on a full tank of gas and even have a few bucks left over for a Starbucks mocha."

I pitched my heart out, I picked up my daughter and as we drove home I heard every single word about her glorious day... Hannah reached over to the front seat, "Mommy, I had the best Harry Potter costume of everyone. Thank you..." and she handed me her magic wand.

And we looked at each other in the rear view mirror and smiled... life is magic, indeed.

But,  just in case... I've decided to keep my gold wedding ring in the glove compartment for insurance.

sunny blue September 28, 2010 at 01:58 AM
Yes, you were writing "funny crap," albeit "funny crap" about not having enough money to meet the basic needs of daily living because of, well as you put it yourself, making "stupid" financial choices. (And it's a lot funnier when the struggling artist searching for loose change isn't a parent, and one who is telling us she won't change her lifestyle to live within her means.) A comedic twist can be put on many unfortunate situations...it's how we get through them...but it doesn't change the unfortunate facts.
Susan McMartin September 28, 2010 at 02:03 AM
lordy, i give up! this was a column, not my autobiography. no offense, sunny blue, but you don't have a clue how i live my life, or changes i've made or haven't made, or anything else. but, thanks for being a reader and taking an interest.
sunny blue September 28, 2010 at 02:20 AM
I will leave it as this as well...you wrote an article about being utterly broke and referred to yourself as "stupid" for keeping a gas guzzler you couldn't afford... readers only know what you tell them...
franck September 28, 2010 at 02:25 AM
I'm hearing a lot of conclusions being drawn over a tiny snippet of ones life ....a few hours of ones life to be exact. Mark and Sunny how do you know that Susan hadn't "just" lost a job and that's why she still has the SUV.....how do you know she didn't have a big check coming in the mail......how do you know that she didn't loan the last her money to a relative in desperate need.....how do you know that she doesn't often refuse to buy her daughter "the best things"....and explains to her why she can't have the best all the time......maybe her daughter just went through something very difficult and Susan wanted to make her happy by doing something nice?.......how do you know she's not getting a great deal on rent where she lives in studio city......maybe she lives at her uncles apt. complex......do you really think she would have slept with an attendant for gas......maybe she doesn't believe in sex before marriage.....how do you know she doesn't constantly change things in her life to make ends meet......oh and the part about her complaining on the inside, I'm sure inner city families don't complain on the inside about money they have to fork out or things they have to do to occasionally make their kids happy.
franck September 28, 2010 at 02:41 AM
The point I'm trying to make is that you know nothing about Susans life and yet you feel like you can jump to conclusions about a big picture you have never seen. Am I going to call you both selfish, uninformed fools for making across the board judgements?....no I'm not going to insult you because I know there's more to you both than these rediculous judgements I have read. Hey Blue, how many teachers don't want to teach in the inner city because the have a pre-judgement of what it's going to be? sucks right?....it would be nice if they actually knew the truth and maybe, the rewards first hand. uninformed judgement is a killer...... A good writer invokes controversy...you've done that Susan...good job! ps. I'm going to throw on the tv and watch snippets of the electoral race and base my decisions on that. No need to dig deeper and inform myself...the truth is all right in front of me right guys?
Susan McMartin September 28, 2010 at 02:48 AM
hm... fair enough. wanna buy a car? ;-)
franck September 28, 2010 at 02:48 AM
I've commented to both you and Mark on his post if you care to read.
franck September 28, 2010 at 02:52 AM
Yes, you're right...readers only know what you tell them....you're imagination and unfounded judgements did the rest.
sunny blue September 28, 2010 at 03:34 AM
Susan, we have each said our piece so this is just in response to Franck. So, I imagined that she wrote she said had no money even for a gallon of gas and felt "stupid" for driving a car she couldn't afford? I imagined she's taking her daughter to a pricey camp and buying her a costume all the while realizing to herself she should have put gas in the tank first? It's all in the article. Hopefully she was only utterly broke for "a few hours of [her] life" as you put it.
Mark Evans September 28, 2010 at 05:06 AM
Franck, speaking only for myself, I can only make these conclusions from the information that Susan has decided to give me. After reading these two blogs plus her bio it seems that she loves to be overly descriptive in her writing per example, "before hitting the fun-filled, water-play, horseback riding, bumper-car-racing, group-singing, bow-and-arrow-shooting, magic-show watching, theme-inspired day." Do mean that she wrote all this about a camp but left out that she just lost her job, has a huge paycheck coming, living her uncle's apartment for a great price, needed to buy something for her daughter because she had a bad day? Um, maybe? Then again maybe Franck I'm her last boss that fired her. Maybe I'm her landlord and I know she is three months behind rent. Maybe I'm the saleman that sold her the SUV that I knew she couldn't afford. Maybe I'm her ex and I don't have to pay any child support. Maybe I'm her best friend and I'm trying to get her help. Maybe I'm the attendant and she offered me sex. Maybe I'm her current boyfriend and she is sleeping with me but I don't like her writing style. You don't know do you? All you know is what I type and vise versa. If she started with, 'What does a single mom do, (we get it, you're a single mom) when your daughter needs to get to camp but your out of money in this hard ecomony and your paycheck isn't coming until tomorrow?' then this article would have a completly different feel to it but guess what, it doesn't.
Mark Evans September 28, 2010 at 05:08 AM
Of course people all over complain on the inside about doing things but if you truly are doing something from your heart for your child, like stealing their money, then you shouldn't complain that the extra sixty cents isn't going into your tank. Plus the only reason I know she can't afford the SUV is because SHE TOLD US. Plus SHE TOLD US that she bought the SUV out of vanity. Where is the conclusion jumping there? Where are the "unfounded judgements"? I have no idea why you would want to insult me but the fact that even brought it up means that you would like to. Why? Because I read the same article you did and have a different feeling about it? I don't recall anywhere in my writing where I insulted anyone. And anyways, by saying you are not going to call me/us, "selfish, uninformed fools" is in fact calling me/us that. Saying that you are not going to call someone an idiot to their face still means you are calling them an idiot. It is just a smug way of saying it while keeping your better then you hat on. It sounds to me like you are a friend of hers and you are defending her without looking at what she wrote and what I wrote in response. A friend's biased opinion is no opinion at all. Enjoy the rest of your evening watching snippets of the electoral race, I am just going to close my eyes and punch the card. Maybe when I'm done I can see a happy face in it.
franck September 28, 2010 at 09:22 AM
Hey Mark, it's a friggin column...not a bio. I had no problem affording my lifestyle until a few months ago...all at once it just caved in on me. Now I can barely afford my life. Did I see it coming...no. Neither did the millions of Americans who had a house and a job before the recession hit. It's called the unforseen my friend. I'm not going to judge the guy in Michigan who lost his factory job and now can't afford to pay for the lease on his Tahoe. Everything was fine until the hatchet dropped and he was hit with the notice that he was being laid off. So what if she bought an SUV out of vanity...maybe she could afford it when she bought it?? I know you've never bought anything out of vanity. No fancy jeans...designer shirt....sunglasses.....or neighborhood in which you choose to live. Go live in Compton where it's cheaper. What? not your type of neighborhood? Why not? Me saying I'm not going to call you a judgemental uninformed fool is the same as me calling you an uninformed fool? It was a point to show that I'm NOT going to jump to conclusions. I'm not insulting you...I just don't agree with you.....at all.
franck September 28, 2010 at 09:29 AM
Perhaps next time she needs to write her column more in the style which would make you happy? And what if she were my friend as you say...what if she's my neighbor, sister or girlfriend. What difference does it make? If I don't agree with my mom...I let it be known. If I have an issue with what a girlfriend has to say.. i won't defend it. Sorry man, not in my nature. Maybe in your fantasy world you'd like to believe it is....but in reality, it's not. Love you man....Starbucks for life!!
franck September 28, 2010 at 09:47 AM
Maybe she could afford the car when she had a job and then got laid off...what if it's a lease and she doesn't have the $3000 to pay for the penalty if she forfeits her lease. Why would she need to state all that in her article? I don't care to know about that stuff...it doesn't interest me. It obviously means a lot to you. Don't jump to grand conclusions. You go as far as to say it sends a poor message to her child. That's some heavy stuff/judgements to be saying when you really don't know the full scope of her situation....and it's not Susans job to tell you.
Mark Evans September 28, 2010 at 02:16 PM
Correct franck and it isn't your job to jump to conclusions that what your saying is true also. You don't know. I can only base my conclusions off of what I am told same as you. If you see it differently that's fine but that doesn't make my conclusion any less accurate. All of your counter arguments have been nothing more then, maybe this and maybe that. You have shown zero evidence to prove me wrong while I have show several examples supporting mine using Susan's own words. If the strength of your argument is just saying that I don't know then you are no longer being logical, you are being emotional. Since you ingnored my last comment about being Susan's friend I can only determine that you are and once again that makes your opinion biased and irrelevant. Good day Franck and Susan, I am now done with your articles and this site. If all you want are your friends to read your article and tell you how great you are then job well done. When your friends come online and support you but yet don't give any evidence to support you it actually just strenghens my argument, then again perhaps your friends like franck just see's you with blinders on. If you don't want people to question your parenting skills and/or financial situation don't post it online or if you do simply add in some where in your insanely overly descriptive paragraphs, (it looks like you're in 5th grade and have a 400 word essay, very, very, very much), that this was only for one day. That might help.
Wendy Curry September 28, 2010 at 02:39 PM
I do believe this post resonated beyond Studio City. Over here on the over coast, I'm sharing many of your angsts. With the future of my job in peril, I'm trying to save every penny, so as to be able to stretch out unemployment when the axe falls. In calculating how long we can go before losing the house, or our dogs, or downgrading my prius (dealing with whether the lower car payment would be worth the worse mileage) , I have looked at my daughter's pink piggy bank. I haven't touched it, but I know the temptation I then took my five year old princess to Bugaboo Creek for dinner. Yes, that money should be added to the pile so I don't have to hit her piggy bank. Yes, I feel guilty for buying her Halloween costume instead of convincing her we could make one. And, no, we didn't need 6 scholastic books from the book fair. The balance of keeping things "normal" for our children (and ourselves) during these bad economics times vs being responsible for the basics is very stressful. There's the denial of being at the tipping point, where you need to make serious changes. if we just make it through one more day... Then there's the guilt. People love to criticize each little decision we make. Given the hundreds we make every day, there's plenty for those types of people to nit pick about. I enjoyed the piece. It made me feel a little less alone
Mark Evans September 28, 2010 at 05:18 PM
Actually I do own a condo in Compton so yes, it is my kind of neighborhood. I'm not pointing judgement at the guy that lost his job in Michigan who lost his factory job and can not afford the lease on his Tahoe. I would however be pointing judgement on him he if talking about it online that he still has it even though he can't afford it and is now stealing money from his child. I buy my jeans and shirts at target, my sunglasses are from cvs and I moved out of an expensive area with my son when I realized I could not longer afford it. And anyways, are you saying that the people in Compton are a lower class of people then the people in Studio City? Nice to see you aren't a racist or judgemental. Did you ever think that if you can barely afford your life that maybe you are living above your means and should change? Perhaps you are, I don't know, I don't care about you....at all. This discussion was about Susan's article and how I felt she represented herself. You have now taken it and made it a personal attack against myself and people in Compton. I guess living in a "nice" neighborhood doesn't translate into being a nice person.
franck September 28, 2010 at 07:13 PM
Real Estate value/rent in Compton is typically less than Studio City. The point I was making is If a person has the money to live anywhere, why not pick an area where the real estate/rent prices are known to be less in order to save a few bucks ( it was a vanity point ). I just randomly chose Compton. It could have been Lancaster or Carson or anywhere else. Does acknowledging real estate value make me a racist? I'm sorry if you perceive it that way. People in Compton are as wonderful as the guy in Beverly Hills or Agoura or anywhere else. Please don't make this about me judging people in Compton...there was nothing in my reply to you hinting at Racism. In fact here's my quote "Go live in Compton where it's cheaper. What? not your type of neighborhood? Why not?" ....Where is the racism? clearly I wrote "compton where its CHEAPER. I made a direct reference to monetary value.
Barry McCockiner September 28, 2010 at 08:22 PM
Suzy, babe, to use the parlance of our time and space, let me bottom-line it for you : you’re a primitive, insecure, shallow twit looking to strangers on a website for vindication of a wretched, meaningless existence which is now contaminating an innocent child. "Funny crap" indeed! It’s no wonder you’re single and unemployed. If your daughter survives into adulthood in spite of you, let’s hope she falls a few miles from the tree. I bet you buy fake Louis Vuitton handbags on eBay. You make me want to spit.
sunny blue September 29, 2010 at 01:57 AM
Franck, she doesn't need to state anything more in the article. A person who can afford a car while working and then gets laid off does not refer to herself as "stupid" as she called herself, for having that car! You wouldn't call yourself stupid for having your car, because as you said, you could afford it when you were working and did not foresee a layoff. What would prompt you to call YOURSELF stupid in an article about being dead broke? Only if you hadn't been able to afford it in the first place and should have put some of that money into savings while buying a more affordable car OR you have been laid off for long enough to run through your savings but are still holding onto it, and other expensive lifestyle habits that you cannot afford anymore. You act like people are reading an article about a woman who wrote about being laid off and struggling and people are blaming her for it! That is NOT the article she wrote. Yes she wrote about being laid off and struggling, then called herself out on continuing a lifestyle that she couldn't afford to the point of not having a cent to her name, with a child! Can you see where the public sentiment might lean away from a parent at that point? Of course, there is always a chance as you mentioned something catastrophic happened, like a family member's illness, but if that were the case, again, she would not be referring to herself as "stupid" if her rock bottom debt was not due in some part to her irresponsible decisions.
Mark Evans September 29, 2010 at 02:44 AM
I thought I saw a comment here by someone else this afternoon. Athough it sounded ruff and direct with it now gone am I wrong in assuming that it was censored? If so how is that possible given that both Mike and Franck clearly made, even if not with malice, racist remarks; "Go live in Compton" and "this is NOT "Inner-City Mom"", still be here? Yes I know Mike is the editor and it is his online magazine but then I have to ask Mike, why is Franck still here? Mike, you used this debate as promotion earlier when Sunny and myself we debating the writing, not the author yet all while allowing another reader to attack us with rude, inaccurate remarks without any penality. Now that someone stopped attacking us and attacked your author, that person's comment was deleted? Am I to believe that it is ok to attack your readers but not your authors? If fair is fair here Mike you should at least if not repost the deleted comment, is ban Franck for his. Even though I don't fully agree with what I recall the post to have said, fair is fair and I think Susan is strong enough to defend herself. Then again, please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. Thank you.
Susan McMartin September 29, 2010 at 04:38 AM
thanks, wendy! in a time where so many of us are dealing with financial fears, big changes, and unexpected events a little laughter and lightness can sometimes go a long way. i think as parents we try very hard to protect our kids from feeling the grown up angst that we are dealing with. so if an extra scholastic book or 'fancy' dinner is sometimes on the menu - i say go for it. no, wendy... you are NOT alone. thanks again for the comment.
Mike Szymanski September 29, 2010 at 05:14 AM
Healthy debate and even attacks upon me are one thing. Libelous and sexist talk with obscene monickers are not OK. Go ahead and debate, attack me, pick apart Susan's entertaining column, discuss amongst yourselves, but when it gets inappropriate for the standards of AOL, it gets deleted. If I don't, my higher-ups will, and rightfully so. This is not a blog, it's a news site.
Mark Evans September 29, 2010 at 05:19 AM
So racist comments are allowed but "obscene monickers" are not? Interesting that Franck is still has posts showing. Let me get this straight though, by your own admission if Barry has a different name then his comments can stay? Has he been notified of this? I do have to ask, if this is a news site why is there an opinion's section? Since when are opinions news? Barry's opinions about Susan are valid to him and since by having this section we are accepting that opinions are news then I believe he should be informed of this slight oversite and allowed to repost.
Mark Evans September 29, 2010 at 05:20 AM
Oh, and I noticed that the "obscene monicker" is still in Susan's response. She she being deleted too?
sunny blue September 29, 2010 at 05:55 AM
Wendy and Susan, I don't think anybody would disagree with giving your child (or yourself!) a little something extra to boost your spirits when needed...but if it's bought with your last dollar and leaves you no buffer for any type of emergency, that probably was just not the time. Wendy, nobody "loves to criticize every little decision [single mothers] make." I have heard nothing but praise for them in articles and conversation. And I hardly think the decision to choose to buy a $40 (non-Halloween) outfit for an attendance at an "outrageously-priced" day camp over putting gas in the car and not leaving yourself with even a dollar for an emergency qualifies as a "little decision." Hopefully if I were dead broke and behaving this way, someone cared enough to "nit pick" about it to me! I can see how you feel a kinship with Susan, struggling to raise children in this economy, but hopefully that's where your common ground ends. It doesn't sound like those books were bought leaving you to scrounge spare change for the bare essentials of life. I guess it shouldn't matter if there isn't a cent left in the account, buy the "best" costume for a camp that you can't even afford the gas to get to?
Sue Griffin October 03, 2010 at 04:28 AM
This is my first time on patch, which was referred to me by a good friend. I appreciate wonderful, witty and painfully real stories and as a mother and grandmother have lived them all. It is with great pride that I live in the San Francisco Bay Area where the peace movement began. As a teen I envisioned people learning how to love one another and change the world to what we all knew it could and should be. All these years later I am amazed how petty, judgmental and condemning our progressive Californians are. If everyone would take more interest in fixing their own lives rather than pushing their viewpoints on others, they would be alot happier and easier to be around. We are not here to fix anyone or anything. We are here for the joy of the experience and our personal evolution. As for the blessed children, they already know that well being, no matter the circumstances, is the order of the day. You can be sure if they believe something strong enough, it will manifest, even if "reality" says something different. Clean up your thinking, stop dwelling on the negative and trust in your well being to assure a wonderful life. Those of you who get this, fantastic. Those who can't or won't hear it, don't worry, things will get worse. Susan, make no apologies. I loved your article. Clearly you are a talented writer. Your abundance is already in place for you to recieve. Don't use your opinion about your ex as a reason to keep it away. All is well! Pay it forward!
Mike Szymanski October 03, 2010 at 06:07 AM
Go Sue! We need more people like you! Thanks for reading...and it's great that people outside our area can find some entertaining stuff on Studio City patch... don't miss the dog stuff at Don's PET PEEVES, and his HEARD AROUND TOWN columns as well as MR. STUDIO CITY's gossip! And spread the word! The world should know about this site!
Lisa December 22, 2010 at 06:14 PM
I rather enjoyed your article. It let me know that I am not alone when it comes to taking money from your childs piggy bank. Only difference is I haven't been able to replace the $600 saving account that I had to use for rent and food when I lost my job. Alot of people don't realize how hard it really is on a single mom. And then to have the guilt of taking from your child eat at you even if you did pay it back. Life should not be that hard for anyone. But if you really think about it, man created his own missery when he created the dollar. Everything we have in life does not really cost anything. It all comes from the earth free of charge.
Charles July 28, 2011 at 11:33 PM
You are fucking pathetic. No wonder you aren't with the father anymore, he was probably tired of putting up with your shit. How in the hell are you going to take money from your child's piggy bank, buy a gas guzzing car just to look cool, think you are the greatest thing since sliced bread and do nothing, but bitch about what makes your daughter happy and steal her money. You should give her to the father and drive yourself off a bridge


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