Spring Cleaning Your Mind, Body, Heart, and Soul

A thorough spring cleaning entails more than simply throwing out tattered apparel and ruined furniture. It can also encompass getting rid of toxic relationships that no longer serve you.

Are you holding onto unhealthy connections that are detrimental to your emotional well being, for fear of being abandoned? Contemplate which liaisons require removal. Then summon up the courage to thrust them aside once and for all.

Many single people stay in damaging unions because they’d rather be with someone than alone.  However, even when you’re amorously involved, you can experience loneliness if you’re feeling unfulfilled, unappreciated, misunderstood, judged, condemned, demeaned, criticized.

Shaping up for spring typically calls for physical transformation. In addition, it’s an apropos season to consider casting off useless attitudes, behaviors, and thoughts.

Are you bored in your career? Has your intellect become stagnant? Are you emotionally stifled? Do you seek more stimulating activities? Would you like to boost your sexual pleasure and passion? Are you consumed in negativity and hopelessness?

What harmful habits do you want to dispense with? Where are you off balance? Do you stay incessantly busy, unable to sit still in silence? Are you searching for a deeper, more meaningful existence yet abhor the thought of traversing the inner recesses of your psyche?

Are you primarily concerned with taking care of cronies, uncomfortable with the notion of putting yourself first? Are you on dating websites 24/7 or completely given up on magnetizing your match? Do you compare your capabilities to cohorts, always appearing at the bottom?

Reject rigidity. Dispose of preconceived lists and visions of the ideal partner. What you believe is the worst case scenario may turn out to be the best. Remain open to each prospect, albeit you aren’t initially enamored and infatuated.

Before you’re ready to receive any gifts the universe has in store, an empty space is required. Similar to discarding old clothes and broken belongings to make way for the new, separating from unfavorable bonds frees you for exciting and fresh romantic possibilities.

Healing your broken heart will create room for rebirth and facilitate the attraction of a pristine association. Mourn the loss of past failures and welcome the beginnings of significant rapports, beyond your wildest imagination.

As you notice the blossoming flora around you, discern the red flags in your relationships, screaming out for attention. Nourish your internal garden with the unconditional love and acceptance you crave. Reaffirm that you deserve to be honored, cherished, and treasured.   

Don’t let your essence wilt and die by ignoring when you’re treated badly by those close to you. Forbid others from sucking your spirit dry. Even family members are obliged to earn the right to join your intimate, trusted circle. Go where you’re confident the affection is overflowing.

Expand your social horizons at a Eurocircle singles mixer on Thursday March 7, 7:30p at the Thompson Beverly Hills Hotel, Rooftop Bar, 9360 Wilshire Blvd., Beverly Hills, CA 90212.

You’ll meet interesting, classy, eligible bachelors/bachelorettes. Spring fever is rapidly approaching and love is in the air!! Get a jump on the chance to allure the woman/man of your dreams. No cover charge.

On Tuesday March 5th, let the music move your soul and lift your spirits in a special performance by two talented jazz guitarists at Studio City’s Oyster House Restaurant.

The first set at 10pm features the trio of David Eastlee, guitar, Hamilton Price, bass, and Dave Johnstone, drums. John Chiodini on guitar joins in for the second set to form a brilliant quartet.

“Like an awakened giant, the masterful guitarist David Eastlee emerges with animated strength accented by his tasty sound and elastic swing.“  (Dr. Herb Wong - jazz journalist, producer, educator)

Treat your body to a makeover at the Oaks at Ojai Spa, only an hour away from Studio City and definitely worth the short serene drive up the coast! It’s the perfect path to a spring shift, i.e. commencing a healthy regimen, continuing a robust routine, or just some basic rest and relaxation.

The Oaks is so laid back you won’t have to worry about appearances and you can leave your troubles and woes behind. You’re even encouraged to take a break from cell phones (permitted in private rooms but not public areas).

There’s no pressure here to participate.Your time is completely your own. Many customers appreciate that they can arrive solo, yet frequently end up encountering compatible companions and establishing lifelong friendships. Celebs relish the low key atmosphere because they’re rarely recognized.

Recent remodeling affords you luxurious amenities at economical prices. The Oaks warrants praise for its charming, warm, and congenial ambience, and its location in the cozy, quaint, artsy town of Ojai, where you’ll find unique trinkets and gifts, e.g. handmade clothing, soaps, candles.

The renovated fitness studio hails a floor made from sustainable, eco friendly bamboo. A multilayer cushioning system with steel springs allows for maximum give and flex. The myriad of classes geared toward your individual level and condition, are taught by a dedicated and competent crew of instructors.

Morning hikes through the magnificent local terrain and water aerobics are of exceptional note. Splashing, shouting, laughing, hooting, and hollering are often heard during infamous Aqua Zumba sessions, offering a workout that’s cardio-conditioning, body-toning, and truly exhilarating.

If your goal is glutes and abs of steel, guest trainer, Jaala Knowlton, teaches aqua cardio kick box, upper and lower body kick box/self defense, intermediate hike with self defense moves, cardio combat/turbo kick box- ignite your body, tai kwan do self defense, and “butts & guts” core workout.

Scrumptious fare is prepared elegantly and tastefully. Presented in an appealing manner, each plate appears like a work of art. Due to popular demand, you can purchase muffins, soups, salsa, cookbooks, seasonings, flavored coffee, and spa bark chocolates to take home.

Enjoy nutritional spring cleaning from March 21-23, with Executive Chef Christine Denney, as she offers tips, recipes, and guidelines for altering unwholesome eating practices, e.g. opting for “spring” rolls made with filo, that are baked not fried.

Info and reservations at 805-646-5573 or www.oaksspa.com.


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