The Amazing Bloggers of Studio City Patch

A diverse group of talented communicators are here in our Local Voices. You could be blogging, too.

Can I continue to brag about the talent within our midst?

The Studio City bloggers is among the most vibrant and active in the area, and I think we've compiled some amazing diverse writings in our Local Voices.

From a comedian, to a leading expert in menopause, from doctors to real estate, actors to filmmakers, librarians and activists, Democrats, Republicians, Libertarians, independents and Greens. 

From the young Piper who picks the celebrities along the red carpet, to James who is a horror film superstar in the making.

Irene DeBlasio is our Den Mother, and keeps me honest, and isn't afraid to correct my spelling and grammar.

Already a lot more voices are coming on, and you'll see them soon. Students, activists and religious leaders are soon to join Local Voices as well.

Click on the names of these (again in no particular order) and see what they are all about!

, den mother

Melody Dosch, Studio City Farmers Market

, a very busy mom

 child celebrity interviewer

 horror movie filmmaker

, Studio City librarian

 multi-media artist

 menopause expert

, cartoonist

, real estate

, comedian

, elementary school librarian


 ghost hunters

And look for more soon!

Do you dare join this amazing batch of talent? First read what it's all about, as explained by and then if you want to take a crack at it, email me at MikeS@patch.com.

Irene DeBlasio September 14, 2011 at 06:00 PM
Mike, Sorry to correct you -- did you mean 'independents' -- the word was shortened. I never use spell check anymore. My Parish Priest recommended a certain restaurant once and I sent him an email to show my enthusiasm. I raved about particularly enjoying the 'prosciutto with large melons' -- unfortunately spell check did not recognize Italian ham and changed the word to 'prostitute'.


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