The Dozen Most Bizarre, Odd and Fun Stories of 2012

Look back at the most unusual of the past year.

These are the shocking, tragic, surprising, funny people, issues and happenings that occurred in Studio City over the past year. 

Compare them to what has happened in past years. (Click here: The Most Bizarre Local Stories of Studio City in 2011)


* Unbelievable! 'Colfax Curb Coyotes' Strike Again

* Some Shops Experience ‘Playful Poltergeist’ at Site Where Homeless Man Died in Fountain

* He Wants to Buy the Dodgers! Why Isn’t He Being Taken Seriously?

* Lawsuit Set to Begin in Death of Harvard-Westlake Student Blamed on Mustache Trimmer

* Ray Richmond Turns from Writing Reviews to Writing Fortune Cookies

* A Compilation of UFO Sightings in Studio City! Watch the Videos and Look to the Skies

* Biggest Presidential Fundraiser in History Held Right Here in Studio City at George Clooney's

* What’s This Guy’s Beef with Paul Krekorian?

* Patch Picks Best Endeavour Coverage from SoCal and NorCal

* Celebrity Psychic Doesn't Foresee Doomsday


Look at what the most bizarre stories of the past were:

  • The Most Bizarre Local Stories of Studio City in 2011
  • Most Bizarre Animal Stories of 2011


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