Two Roads Theatre in Tujunga Village Transfers Ownership

Writer/Producer/Director/Teacher, Allen Levin, a former swimming and table tennis coach, is proud to be the new owner of Two Roads Theatre in Tujunga Village, the heart of Studio City, calling it a “beautiful little gem.”

Two Roads wasn’t even for sale when Levin began pursuing it at the beginning of 2012. However, he persisted and didn’t give up until finally acquiring “the best small theatre in LA” from previous proprietor, Rich Shaw.

Allen loves the space because of its “wonderful energy.” He’s fond of Tujunga Avenue and the surrounding neighborhood, which motivated Levin to offer Shaw well over double what he paid for it eight years ago.

Levin’s goal is to bring “plenty of great positive actors into and out of the community.”

Producers are eager to present their plays at Two Roads. “Angry Conversation” just wrapped; a horror piece, “Afraid,” is currently showing; and many more are lining up. If you’re interested in renting the space, contact Levin at www.TwoRoadsTheater.com for information.

Allen is excited to bring his Lifebook Acting Academy to Two Roads. He reveals that the name, ‘Lifebook,’ means to “Book professional acting work for Life,” and to “bring the Life, Book the work.” His aim is to inspire entertainers of all kinds and ages, by helping them fulfill their dreams of performing. Find out more at www.LifebookActing.com.

Levin also runs “TSAG,” the volunteer, charitable group he started in 2010, providing free acting intensives. He’s seen awesome results with this project and is honored to watch hundreds of actors benefit from his dedication.

To further involve local residents, Levin offers the opportunity to audit any acting class at no charge. There’s an all levels class (beginners, intermediate, and advanced pupils studying together) at 10:30am on Mondays.

In January, you’re invited to come and see the always free, constantly changing show, “30/60.” The title stands for “30 Actors in 60 Minutes.” Allen says it’s comprised of an incredibly talented cast of 30 actors, and describes it as “a lot of fun!”

Allen adores Studio City and Tujunga Village. He feels “very fortunate to have bought The Two Roads Theatre,” admitting to having to create a payment plan, since he didn’t have enough money to purchase it. 

Levin is eager and happy to be working at the theatre and hopes to continue in the same vein “for 30 years or more!”


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