$uper $aver Survival: Grilled Superbowl Buffalo Wings

Grilled Buffalo Wings Perfect for a SuperBowl Party.

Chicken Wings are great for any occasion, specially for the Super Bowl that’s coming up soon. BUT they are even better when grilled up that adds all that extra smoky flavor. These chicken wing recipes is delicious and healty perfect for the one’s who are on a diet this Superbowl year. You can easly grill them up as appetizers, snacks or for the main meals and put them out for the kids or the big game. Grilled chicken wings are quick to cook, easy to prepare and are loaded with flavor making them the perfect Superbowl food! Guarantee your guest will be asking you for more before half time rolls around.

Superbowl Buffalo Wings Ingredients

2 or 3 pounds chicken wings

1 cup of your favorite hot sauce ( tabasco or Louisiana-style hot sauce)

1 can of Coca-Cola

1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper

1 tablespoon soy sauce


1.) Preheat the grill to medium heat.

2.) In a pot, mix together the hot sauce, Coca, peppern and soy sauce. Add the wings to th sauce . Place the pot to one side of the grill.

3.) Wait until sauce simmer.

4.) Take wings out of sauce, and place them on grill for 9 minutes. Then return sauce to simmer. Repeat for about 40 minutes. The sauce will thicken.

5.) Serve right off the grill for dryer wings.

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