Wendy Greuel: 'My Heart is Broken'

The Studio City resident running for mayor of Los Angeles expresses her thoughts about the Connecticut school shootings. She also issues a call to action.

As I learned of the news from Connecticut yesterday, my heart broke.   

My heart broke for the children and teachers who were killed; for the families that were crushed; and for those who knew the perpetrator, who will be forever haunted wondering if they could have seen it coming. 

As a mother of a nine-year-old in public school, I wanted to do nothing more than to hug my son, knowing that he was safe.  As a leader in our community, I know that we can do better.

As a longtime supporter of Women Against Gun Violence here in LA, we can do more to stop gun violence. We can do more to save lives and prevent needless suffering. It's time for Congress to take action.  A good start would be passing legislation renewing Senator Dianne Feinstein's ban on assault weapons and a ban on high capacity ammunition magazines.  

I'm proud to support New York's Mayor Michael Bloomberg and the Mayors Against Illegal Guns in demanding common-sense gun laws that close the loopholes that put these dangerous weapons in the wrong hands.  As your Mayor, I will join these Mayors across the country and play an active role in pushing Congress to act. 

Please join me in calling on Congress to take immediate action. We must not delay. We must not wait until another community is devastated by gun violence.


Skraeling December 16, 2012 at 07:16 PM
My heart "breaks" everytime I read an opportunistic uttering of an overly ambitious politician who serves hereself and costs the city millions in her quest to "advance". Why isn't Wendy's heart breaking upon viewing the growing numbers of homeless in Studio City or Sherman Oaks, North Hollywood, and beyond. No tears for the hundreds of people shot in LA over a year? Just another self serving statement from a self serving politician...We all feel badly, but most keep it to themselves.


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