What Are You Thankful For? Religious Communities Weigh In

Friends and neighbors of our Patch have reasons to be grateful

One weekend I asked everyone I met in our Patch to tell me on video what they were thankful for.

Even in these tough times, an attitude of gratitude brings a smile to everyone's lips. Health, family and friends were high on most lists and those who have jobs know how lucky they are.

Friday, I had dinner with a friend I hadn't seen in more than a decade at Four 'n' 20 Pies on Laurel Canyon Boulevard. Wil and I and our waitress Mary discovered we'll all celebrate birthdays around Thanksgiving.

Then I was off to Temple Beth Hillel for a shabbat service and 's installation as senior rabbi there. After an exciting evening in her honor, Rabbi Sarah enumerated her blessings for the camera while holding onto her squirming daughter. Her colleagues and congregants are thankful too.

Saturday night I enjoyed half of another great concert at thebefore running off to for an extraordinary evening of cabaret and comedy. Everywhere, folks counted community among lifes's gifts.

Watch the video and count your own blessings.  It's good for what ails ya.


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