Will This Love Last?

Pet Peeves columnist dines and whines his new (doggy) sweetheart.

I am used to being in love with a woman. So, I keep calling "him" a "her." But, today, my new love is a Cairn Terrier named O.P. (Named for Optimus Prime.)

He's the size of a bread box (if you know what that is, anymore), meaning he could fit into a large, holiday shopping bag. He's that size, and the color of ashen charcoal, with a little red undercoat, and the texture of a Brillo Pad. I like him!

He is a champion in the show dog world. If it works out, he's retiring from show biz. If it doesn't work out between us, he going back to being a Hollywoof stud.

The only commands he knows are "Stay!" and "Wait." That's the show dog syndrome. Let's see what this champion can learn from Donzo, and what Donzo can learn from a real champion.

His breeder thought us a good match of personalities. I'm determined, self-assured about my training abilities, and full of positive reinforcements. He is stubborn, challenging anything that stands in the way of his desires, and full of clever ploys.

My friend, Ed Mansfield, informed me that in the making of The Wizard of Oz, the animal trainer quit in frustration after failing to train Toto to do anything at all right, on cue, on command. The director had to take over the training of the famous Cairn, as only a great director can. Because it takes a great director to out-will the most willful things on earth, like financiers, producers, prima donna actors, and sometimes Cairn Terriers. (Even so, they say Toto gave him a run for his biscuits as well.)

Will O.P., my new companion, like being in a bungalow with a small back yard? After all, he's leaving his digs in East County San Diego, a mountain top dog house with five of his buddies and the smell of the wild.

He's getting used to new smells, new sights, new sounds, and a new owner. I'm trying to win him over with new toys, a new bed, new treats, and a pretty set of bowls. (I already went a little dog-wild and over-shopped on the way home.)

Will this love last? I think we're both excited and a little apprehensive. I hope it works out, but we'll see.

Miki Henderson January 17, 2012 at 08:59 AM
How beautiful!! Glad you found true love!!
Don Helverson January 17, 2012 at 10:15 AM
Thanks, Miki! Nothing like love to put a bounce in your step. Of course, a Cairn Terrier is no walk in the park!
Ellen Vukovich January 18, 2012 at 12:03 AM
So happy for you and your new boy. Can't wait to read about your journey together.


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