Zac Efron at Jinky, Kat Denning at Jerry’s; Justin Bieber Plays Winky, Miley Cyrus Buys Cherries

Who have been seen around The S.C. this week?

was uncharacteristically shy when he and his posse stopped in at in Studio City next to the Colfax Bridge. He didn’t stop to sign autographs, and they all tipped their hats over their faces to avoid camera phones.  It doesn’t matter, fans got them out on Twiiter over the weekend (see photos in the Gallery above) . . .

was hanging around Studio City with his dad Jeremy on Thursday  and showing off his new tattoo of Jesus. The pair, with a few friends, were out on the town and then went to a pizza parlor. He winked at every one of his fans, guys and girls, according to the Twittering that went on around the visit.

The 17-year-old singing superstar has the face of Jesus on his right calf, a new tattoo. It’s the third in a theme, joining Jesus’ name written in Hebrew on his ribcage and a dove tattooed on his left hip. (See the photos above.) . . .

was out this week shopping with her friends and family. She is looking quite domestic with her boy pal, who Tweeted while they were shopping. One of her stops was for a big bag of cherries. (See photos above in the Gallery.)

it's not happening hahah, " Cheyne tweeted. "Stack stackin my paper! My wallet look like a bible! Wop!" . . .

The 2 Broke Girls starlet Kat Dennings is very shy for being a waitress (or playing one on TV). She was out at in Studio City with Tyler Hanson from the band Hanson. It seemed innocent enough, but a reader points out that he is married.

Let us know if you see any celeb in town . . . .


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