Did You Hear an Explosion? Many in NoHo and Studio City Did

Sonic booms and other recent loud noises are also reported in Utah and on the East Coast.

The Los Angeles Police Department North Hollywood Division received numerous reports of an explosion in the North Hollywood/Studio City area Tuesday night but were not able to determine the source of the blast, which was first reported around 9:30 p.m., according to City News Service.

Police searched the area for a half hour Tuesday night and received numerous calls about the noise, the Los Angeles Times reported. Some people thought it had originated from the North Hollywood Metro station, while others reported hearing the explosion in Studio City.

Twitter users were buzzing about the noise.

"Um. weird. I'm telling u guys - CANNON!!!" tweeted @NegativeNatalie.

"Totally heard huge explosion somewhere in North Hollywood right now, and now lots of sirens and helicopters..why?" tweeted @filmester.

"LOUD explosion in studio city/northhollywood! WHAT WAS THAT?!" tweeted @marthabeans.

A strange, sonic boom-like noise was also reported in Utah Tuesday night around around 9 p.m., and some Twitter users implemented the hashtag #utboom to discuss the noise. The Standard Examiner reported:

The rumbling wasn’t caused by an earthquake, but data shows there were at least two sonic booms traveling through the atmosphere shortly after 9 p.m., Jim Pechmann, a seismologist with the University of Utah, said late Tuesday night.

People on the East Coast reported a loud explosion or sonic boom on Jan. 5, according to a report on Marblehead Patch.

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