UPDATE: Boston Marathon Runner from Studio City 'Saw It All'; 4 from Studio City Ran in Race

Patch hears from one Studio City runner who was there. Three from Sherman Oaks, four from Studio City and two North Hollywood residents were entered in this year's race.

Two people are dead and many more are injured as the result of a pair of explosions near the finish line of Monday's Boston Marathon, according to the Boston Police Department. 

Meanwhile, one runner, Renee Opell, 51, a resident of Elmer Street in Studio City, was of some concern and Patch heard from her colleague Rosalie Fox late Monday night:

Renee Opell is fine. That's according to an entry on the L.A. Leggers Facebook page and to an email sent to all members of the Leggers. She's one of several Leggers who ran today's Boston Marathon. (The Leggers running and walking club -- started years ago by former KNX-AM radio reporter, Bob Scott -- is based in Santa Monica. I'm a member.) Here are the contents of the email we received tonight:

The L.A. Leggers are saddened and shocked by today's events at the Boston Marathon and we extend our best wishes to all marathoners and their loved ones.

Our hearts go out to the people of Boston, the proud home of the pinnacle of our sport. Many members of our club ran in Boston today, and we are happy to report that all of them seem to have escaped injury (though perhaps not trauma).

Today was an exceptionally lucky day for us, as evidenced by this story from mentor Jennifer Hartman, who was running with fellow mentors Renee Opell and Phil Kent: "Thank you everyone for thoughts and prayers. The story is Renee, Phil and I were on the homestretch. We had passed mile 26 and were probably at 26.1 when the first explosion occurred. We saw it all. We turned around and were going to go back when the explosion behind us occurred. At that point we stood in the middle for a moment holding hands and wondering if any more explosions were going to happen. After a minute we decided to go down a side street. Coincidentally we had stopped at mile 25 so Sharon Kent could take a picture of us. If she hadn't we would have probably been right on the finish line. I spoke to Lorraine 10 minutes ago and she had just just crossed the finished line. We knew she was ahead of us and were happy that she had made it okay. We assume all other Leggers are okay as they were either in front of us or behind us. Needless to say we are a little shell shocked. Our hearts go out to those that weren't as lucky."

And this message came from Hoss Dubash, who was one of the Leggers diverted from the Finish area when the blasts hit: "Thank you everyone we are all accounted for and ok. It took a while as they stopped the race almost instantly. A lot of street closures and our bag pickup buses were apparently moved and none of us were sure. Train service was stopped so we had to find buses out of the area. Anyway we made it home after 7pm. Thanks for all your kind concern."

Thanks to all the Leggers and their family members who helped us track down our friends through all the confusion today. Thanks for your compassion and care for our fellow Leggers and for the innocent victims in Boston. You can find more information and discussion about today's events on our Leggers Facebook Page.

There is also a movement afoot tonight to memorialize this event tomorrow, Tuesday, April 16th. Many walkers and runners will wear race shirts, from Boston and elsewhere, in honor of those killed or injured at today's marathon.



Details about the sources of the explosions have yet to be confirmed, however, CNN is reporting that the area is being investigated as a crime scene and the Associated Press reports that two non-detonated improvised explosive devices were found along the route.

The Boston Police Department announced during a press conference that a third explosion took place at the JFK Library, several miles from the finish line.

More than 20,000 officially runners officially entered this year's race, including four Studio City residents.

John B. McGuinness, 39, finished the race at 03:01:50.

Renee Opell, 51, was listed as hitting her halfway point at 01:59:23, but does not have a finished time listed.

Valerie Sanders, 25, was listed as hitting her halfway point at 01:53:02, but does not have a finished time.

Shawn L. Weidmann, 49, also from Studio City was listed as finishing the race at 03:28:54. He recently had a son,.

Families looking for relatives or possible victims at the Boston Marathon can call 617-635-4500. For tips or information any of the three explosions in Boston, call 1-800-494-TIPS.

Google Person Finder set up an information site for people looking for information about the runners. CLICK HERE. There is no specific information yet about any of the four Studio City locals, but one friend registered information about Opell in hopes of contacting her.

Does anyone know of someone from the area who was at the race?

Anyone with any information on the health status of the runners is welcomed to leave comments below, or contact us at StudioCity.Patch.com


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Sheriff Units on 'Heightened Alert' After Boston Bombings

Barbara Krause April 15, 2013 at 11:40 PM
Such a terrible tragedy in so many ways. I knew that something must be wrong when I commented to my helicopter trainer as we were landing about all of the police cars that were in this small Van Nuys aviation center but never thought of something of this magnitude!
Barry Erbsen April 16, 2013 at 09:52 PM
Hi: Barry Erbsen, longtime Studio City resident here, to just say that this is a sad tragedy for our sport of running and our country. I was at Boston back in 81, 82 and 87 when I was allot younger and faster. Was a great experience back then, highlight of my athletic career. Best wishes for speedy recovery to all victims of this senselss ragedy,
Mike Szymanski April 16, 2013 at 10:24 PM
Thank you for commenting! It's amazing how many Studio City folk make it over to the Boston Marathon, I'm very impressed... and all of your thoughts for those of you who've been there are welcome here in the comments! Thanks!


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