Police Blotter Assault and Burglaries Near Universal

Report from SpotCrime.com

CrimeDateAddressLink A Burglary 02/20/12 01:30 PM 115XX SUNSHINE TERRACE Details B Theft 02/20/12 09:00 PM 123XX MOORPARK STREET Details C Theft 02/19/12 06:00 PM 43XX WHITSETT AVENUE Details D Theft 02/20/12 12:01 AM 57XX WILLOW CREST AVENUE Details E Theft 02/24/12 10:30 PM 123XX RIVERSIDE DRIVE Details F Robbery 02/20/12 06:15 PM LANKERSHIM BOULEVARD AND UNIVERSAL HOLLYWOOD DRIVE Details G Assault 02/25/12 01:50 AM 49XX LANKERSHIM BOULEVARD Details H Robbery 02/20/12 06:13 PM 1XX UNIVERSAL CITY PLAZA Details I Burglary 02/19/12 03:40 AM 127XX HORTENSE STREET Details J Theft 02/23/12 04:30 PM 121XX MAGNOLIA BOULEVARD Details K Theft 02/19/12 08:30 PM 5XX UNIVERSAL HOLLYWOOD DRIVE Details L Assault 02/25/12 01:50 AM LANKERSHIM AND MAGNOLIA BOULEVARDS Details M Theft 02/25/12 01:00 AM 109XX MORRISON STREET Details N Burglary 02/23/12 02:00 PM 118XX CHANDLER BOULEVARD Details O Theft 02/25/12 06:45 PM 53XX LANKERSHIM BOULEVARD Details P Theft 02/25/12 04:00 AM 54XX TUJUNGA AVENUE Details Q Theft 02/25/12 03:00 AM 5XX DEVISTA DRIVE Details R Assault 02/24/12 02:10 AM 10XX UNIVERSAL STUDIO BLVD Details S Theft 02/24/12 08:00 PM 55XX CORTEEN PLACE Details T Burglary 02/20/12 11:00 AM 42XX LONGRIDGE AVENUE Details U Assault 02/19/12 01:45 AM 10XX UNIVERSAL STUDIOS BLVD Details V Theft 02/24/12 04:00 PM 10XX UNIVERSAL STUDIOS BLVD Details W Theft 02/24/12 06:30 PM 10XX UNIVERSAL STUDIOS BLVD Details X Theft 02/19/12 01:30 AM 10XX UNIVERSAL STUDIOS BLVD Details Y Theft 02/25/12 07:30 PM RIVERSIDE DRIVE AND FORMAN AVENUE Details Z Theft 02/23/12 03:00 PM 126XX BURBANK BOULEVARD Details Theft 02/23/12 07:00 PM 33XX BLAIR DRIVE Details Theft 02/25/12 09:45 PM 135XX VENTURA BOULEVARD Details Theft 02/25/12 02:30 PM 61XX LAUREL CANYON BOULEVARD Details Theft 02/25/12 12:01 AM 62XX LANKERSHIM BOULEVARD Details


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