TRAFFIC SHORTCUTS: The Wrightwood Wind

This is a good one if you're stuck on Ventura Boulevard and you're already backed up to Vineland or there's a big event at Universal Studios.

Ventura Boulevard can become a bottleneck nightmare certain times of the day, but trying to figure out a way to puncture through to Mulholland Drive can get rather tricky. Yeah, most of those roads lead to nice neighborhoods in the hills, and to dead ends, or loops back onto Ventura.

However, in the long space between the Cahuenga Pass or Outlook and the common corridor of Laurel Canyon Boulevard, there's a confusing, complicated and tricky way to drive up to Mulholland and avoid the Studio City congestion.

Start on one of the entrances of Fruitland Drive that end onto Ventura Boulevard, or take Vineland, and then take a right onto Wrightwood Drive. It doesn't seem like this would lead you anywhere at first, but it will if you make the correct turns.

Follow Wrightwood Drive uphill until the next intersection and take a sharp left. Don't continue forward because it becomes Wrightwood Place, you want to stay on the Drive. Stay on Wrightwood Drive, don't go left onto Wrightwood Lane, no matter how beautiful the mansions are in these hills.

At a big intersection with Laurel Place, take a sharp left, and continue uphill. Then, you'll be taking a left, left and left again and continue up and around and onto Mulholland Drive. From there, you can head to Laurel Canyon, down to Outpost or over to Nichols Canyon.

Here are other TRAFFIC SHORTCUTS to get out of Studio City:

▪                The Barham By-Pas

▪                The Outpost Outback 

▪                The Franklin Canyon Fake 

▪                The Laurel Canyon Loop 

▪                The Benedict Canyon Cheat

▪                The Coldwater Sneak 

But don't tell anyone!

Tim Enloe September 30, 2012 at 03:50 PM
It's unfortunate that posting "shortcuts" like this are turning Wrightwood into a traffic nightmare. Commuters regularly use this narrow street to get to the west side -flying up the hill and ignoring stops signs in total disregard of the community of people who live here. The police told our family that there have been three accidents here in recent times. My wife and young daughter were almost run over by one of these drivers the other week as they were walking through our neighborhood. We're looking into options of what we can do to stem the traffic.


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