Video: Drowsy Duarte Bear Wakes Up After Being Tranquilized

Video footage of the juvenile bear--named "Tag No. 593"--being released back into the wild after he was tranquilized by authorities in Duarte Tuesday.

A bear cub was tranquilized by Fish & Game officials in Duarte Tuesday. Here's video of the little guy's release back into the forest.

"C'mon big boy," the Fish & Game wardens tell the drowsy bear as he wakes up. "You can do it."

A warden later gives the bear a pat on the behind for good measure.


According to the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department:

At 3 p.m. on Tues. July 11, 2012, a California Department of Fish and Game (DFG) Warden was able to safely dart and tranquilize a 1 year old male, 125 pound California Black Bear in the 900 block of Swiss Trail Road in Duarte, California. 

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies had been following the bears activities since the 9-1-1 calls started coming in to Temple Sheriff’s Station and were soon joined by DFG wardens. The goal of all public safety officials is the safety of the public and the well-being of the wild animals. 

The juvenile bear had been hopping fences and exploring backyards all morning before being seen by the warden in a tree inside the Park Place Condos. 

The warden was able to get off a close-range tranquilizer shot that hit the bear in the neck and immediately knocked the bear out. Wardens and city officials were able to restrain the bear, check its health and load it into a DFG truck for safe transport back to suitable habitat . The bear was driven approximately 40 miles away and released into the Angeles National Forest. 

“This was a best-case scenario for the bear, DFG and the people of Duarte,” said DFG spokesman Andrew Hughan. “We have high hopes that the bear has learned that being around people and communities is a bad thing and will live the rest of his live in the forest.” 

Bears are everywhere in California and it’s important for all residents to know that these are wild animals and not teddy bears. If you see a bear stay in your house or car and if you feel in danger call 911. 

The bears in urban areas are attracted by the smell of food, especially in extra hot weather and residents who live in bear country need to be extra vigilant with their trash, minimize the amount of edible trash in the can, put the can on the street in the morning rather than the night before and keep the areas around houses and cans clean and free of fruit and avocados. 

“It’s not a bear problem, it’s a people problem” 


It's Hot & It's Summer-The Bears are Back in the Foothills. What's a Human To Do? 

For more information, click on this hyperlink: 


Be Bear Aware - Project WILD, California 

California Department of Fish and Game 
Twitter @CaliforniaDFG https://twitter.com/CaliforniaDFG 


Keep Me Wild - More Great Bear Facts from California Dept. of Fish & Game: 



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