Update: Queen Mary Victim Was Studying To Be A Teacher

The L.A. Coroner has released her name, and a website lists her as attending UC Irvine and "living by the beach with my boyfriend."

Updated with friend's comment.

The 26-year-old woman who died after plunging 75 feet off the Queen Mary Monday has been identified as Kelly Ryann Dorrell, a Millikan High and UC Santa Barbara graduate who was working toward her teaching certificate.

The Long Beach resident was an English Literature major, according to her entry at Classmates.com, and sought her credential at UC Irvine in hopes of becoming a Long Beach elementary school teacher.

"I live by the beach with my boyfriend," she wrote in her About Me comment.

Public records show that she was a 2003 graduate of Robert A. Millikan High School in Long Beach.

"I graduated from Millikan High School with Kelly. We shared friends and a friend of mine was one of her best friends," a female classmate e-mailed Wednesday. "I hadn't been in contact with Kelly in years, but she was a bubbly person, always happy. She had a laugh that was one of a kind. She was an energetic person, with a passion to teach."

The Los Angeles County Coroner's Office released her name and said an autopsy will likely be performed Thursday to establish what caused her death after her 8:30 p.m. plunge from the top level gangway of the ocean liner which is now a hotel and dining attraction off the Long Beach mainland.

Meanwhile, the police investigation continues into the circumstances that led to Dorrell's death. Witnesses told police and Patch that she was arguing with her boyfriend and appeared to have been drinking when she climbed over a four-feet-high railing and then lost her footing. Her boyfriend, 40, grabbed her but could not hold her and she fell into a channel of water between the ship and land.

Her boyfriend ran down several levels and jumped in the water from 15 feet high trying to rescue her, as did a hotel employee, the Long Beach Fire Department said. Two police officers called to the scene also jumped in, followed by a firefighter and swiftwater rescue team member who wore a wetsuit. All but the firefighter suffered hypothermia and were treated, but only the boyfriend, whose name was withheld, required hospital care.

Two witnesses told Patch that they saw the couple argue at length but could not hear much of what was said until they heard Dorrell say, "I don't want to live," and move toward the railing. Whether she intended to jump or stand on the outside of the railing is not clear thus far.

Nancy Wride December 08, 2011 at 09:36 PM
I gather I was called a weirdo for commenting on the prior comment regarding the ship's history and my father-in-law's voyage returning from Germany during World War II. I didn't and don't see my comment as detracting from the story that I wrote about this tragedy. Apologies to anyone who did feel that way.
sherry December 08, 2011 at 11:32 PM
The Patch is not to blame for callow commenters like The Mayor and his type.Dont blame the messenger.
Walter Murch December 10, 2011 at 08:52 PM
Kenneth, you're out of touch with reality and have no place trying to dictate others' behavior. Why shouldn't she have been drinking? She was 26. Hole #1 in your asinine "analysis." Next up is your assertion that people who don't get along should get married, and this will somehow solve the problem. Then what, live the rest of their lives miserable and shortchanged? I'm sure your next piece of advice would be to have kids, and then stay in the unhappy marriage for their sake. Stop trying to draw others into your miserable way of live so you can feel better about the choices you've made. Bdcause that's what people like you do: look to others to validate your decisions. It's cognitive dissonance: When someone else rejects ZyOUR way of life, you feel repudiated and uncomfortable. TOO BAD. Time to evolve.
Kenneth Larson December 11, 2011 at 12:44 AM
Based on their comments to Patch (like Walter Murch) I get the impression that they are very unhappy people. So they attack other people who send in comments like the Queen Mary incident and the elderly lady robbed in Seal Beach. I am not miserable and unhappy--even though my dear wife passed away from cancer in November 2011. I imagine Murch would make some sarcastic comment about my wife recently passing away. But it seems like 90 percent of the e-mails to Patch come from people who are unhappy and want to pick on people who send in honest and thoughtful comments. I am not trying to influence other people--I am simply expressing my consititutional right for freedom of expression. I don't know how to handle people who always find fault withotherpeople and never say anything good or uplfiting about other people--the fault is not me but them.
Kenneth Larson December 11, 2011 at 12:57 AM
I think that writers like Walter Murch have had other writers attack them and they in turn attack other people who send incomments or tit-for-tat. One can always refuse to read the comments sent in by others and simply express an opinion. Clearly, the sarcastic writers are very unhappy and miserable people because they never have any honest and uplifting comments to make about other writers. I don'[t know what the solution is--one just has to grin and bear it and say "that's life." Why, then, should one read other people's sarcastic and mean comments when this shows that they themselves are miserable andvery unhappy people? Patch is a good idea--but these sarcastic and downright mean writers are spoiling the whole concept. They should go to college and get a degree or advanced graduate degree.


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