7 Hardworking People in Studio City

A look at the tough laborers and their stories in town.

It's Labor Day, and so it's appropriate to look at a few of the tireless workers in our midst in Studio City.

Politicians, well, they don't count, they're expected to work hard. Some with religious leaders, medical workers and political activists.

And certainly the Studio City Patch columnists and bloggers are all hardworkers in their own right, and they would be redundant in mentioning them, but here are stories over the past year of others who have given tirelessly to their cause, their profession and their community.

Certainly you have other suggestions, please tell us in the comments area. This is our list of Patch Picks:

* Art Ginsburg. Even when retiring and passing his Art's Deli on to his children, he is involved in community activities, and serves on the board of the Studio City Improvement Association.

* Alan Dymond. He has retired, yet he works very hard for the community, and so does his wife, Beth. 

* Gayle McKenna. She turned a tough situation into a help for others. 

* Mike Lewis. For a lot of us, he's the face of the Los Angeles Police Department, and our senior lead officer, attending many community meetings and answering all our questions. 

* Mark Batterman. He's helped with parks and getting equipment in local parks from Beeman to Woodbridge. He also has a great story. 

* Adam Horton. He's one of the area's youngest and most talented chefs. 

* Sally Hallada. She's a mom, a tireless volunteer and an inspiration. Working Single Mom: A Volunteer and a Sponsor of Colfax Charter Elementary.

Of course there are many more.      

Whom would you add to the list?


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