Adrin Nazarian and Jay Stern Make Their Cases for the 46th Assembly District [VIDEO]

The two candidates for the district spoke at the Sherman Oaks Homeowners' Association meeting on Oct. 17.

Adrin Nazarian (Dem.) and Jay Stern (Rep.), the two candidates for the 46th Assembly District, stopped by the Sherman Oaks Homeowners' Association (SOHA) meeting Wednesday to debate and answer the questions of the assembled crowd.

Stern talked about his "pass or pay" proposal on education, that "those students [who] are identified as deliberately failing their courses" will have to pay to retake their exams (Stern is a chemistry teacher). He said of AB 1500 (the Corporation Tax Law) that he disliked it because of the additional burden it places on businesses. He said he will vote "no" on any proposed new taxes.

Nazarian said that he was for "investing in job growth and stimulating opportunities for growth," in particular within the entertainment industry. He proposed more tax credits for the industry, something he said he worked on during his time as chief-of-staff at Councilman Krekorian's office. He said he is also for "fully funding education and protecting education dollars," and wants to "invest in crumbling infrastructure and create more manufacturing jobs."

When asked what their first bills would be, Nazarian said that he would "extend the entertainment industry tax credits," while Stern said that "my first bill is to resolve the issues surrounding the residency requirement stated under the state constitution that an individual should reside within the district for one year before the general election."

Stern later disputed that Zazarian has been a resident of the district for a year. Nazarian replied that he had been a "resident of the eastern San Fernando Valley since 99-2000" and that "everything was done in a legal manner" with regard to his running for office.

The two were also asked what steps they would take to improve public education.

Stern said that "the most important step is parental involvement," while Nazarian said that while "parent involvement is extremely crucial" the matter was an issue of funding by the state, funding that currently fell short of requirements.


Click on the video above to view an excerpt of the candidates at the SOHA meeting.

John J. Nazarian October 22, 2012 at 06:50 PM
Guess who I am voting for? John J. Nazarian, P.I. desperateexes.com
Mattey's Mom October 22, 2012 at 06:55 PM
Living in a center of entertainment-industry commerce, both our local & state-wide economies are directly & considerably impacted by the level of production that occurs within our borders. For decades our legislature refused to take action to offer increasingly important incentives, while 'run-away' production rose, now at record levels, to other states who 'get it' & whose economies are thriving from the infusion of production there. Just recently L.A. began to offer some incentives but they are not sufficient - too little, too late. I think that the emphasis Adrin Nazarian has placed on bringing production back to our city cannot be overstated. Aside from those working directly in 'the industry', businesses from catering to dry cleaners, from housing to tailors, has been sorely impacted by the demise of "Hollywood" as the home of production. By bringing back production to our city it will not only benefit all those above, but will provide greater tax revenue that in turn can provide funding for education, social services, street maintenance, police/fire, & all the rest.


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