Ask Paul...Is There a Good List of City Services?

Wherein your councilman answers if residents can opt out of street cleaning and if there's an easily accessible map of city services.

Hi Councilman,
Is there a listing of city services easily accessible? I see on the city’s website a listing of things that are in different places, but not in one spot. It’s pretty hard to navigate. Is there a map or list of things that are in one place?

Ashley Barman
North Hollywood

Hi Ashley,

I agree with you that in a city as large as ours, it is often too difficult to get easy access to important information about city services.  That’s why I have focused a lot of effort during my first two years in office on making information much more accessible.  For example, in my office we’ve created a weekly e-newsletter [sign up here], our own app for smart phones and a significantly more interactive website, as well as social networking tools on Facebook andTwitter.

Most recently, as soon as the city completed the redrawing of council districts, we set out to map the city services in the neighborhoods of the new CD2.  If you check the Maps section of our website, you can see all of the fire/police stations, parks, libraries and more throughout the East Valley. 

Because we used Google Maps, it’s easily accessible and is an extremely user-friendly guide to discovering city services in your area. It’s a fairly comprehensive list, but we are always looking for ways to improve what is listed. If you have suggestions or points of interest, please email us

In addition, we put together a list of common questions that constituents may have about permitting, how to report violations, request tree trimming and more. That list is also available on our website by clicking here.

M P August 24, 2012 at 02:57 PM
What a joke! She asked for city SERVICES, not for your Twitter handle that took 2 years to establish.
Jeremy Oberstein August 24, 2012 at 04:29 PM
MP, As you can see from reading the entire answer, we created a list of answers to common questions about city services. This is the link: http://cd2.lacity.org/NEWS/LACITYP_020851. The reason we mentioned Twitter (which was set up three years ago), Facebook, et al, is because that's how many folks get answers to city-related questions quickly and efficiently. We realize that not everyone uses those portals, which is why created that list. Best,
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