Miley Cyrus Drinks a Shake; Anna Nicole’s ex Finds a Snake; Megan Fox Rolls her Eyes; Matthew McConaughey gets a Little Surprise

It's also an anniversary, of sorts, for Britney Spears.

This Saturday, Sept. 18, marks a weird moment in SC history. It's the date that in 2004, local resident Britney Spears and her boyfriend Kevin Federline invited 27 friends over to their house near Mulholland Drive and then surprised them all by having a wedding. Just as the sun went down and their garden was filled with candles, they danced to "Lights" by Journey as their first dance as a married couple.

  • Is marriage in the cards for local Miley Cyrus? She's been seen all over town this week. The gossipers are buzzing about her spending oodles of time with Liam Hemsworth again—they've been seen shopping and hiking together all through the 91604.

Miley is back home (she's still living in the back house of her dad's estate) after shooting a movie in Paris (it's called LOL: Laughing Out Loud and where she solidified her BFF status with her Studio City neighbor, Vanessa Hudgens. Miley and her brother snapped up lunch at Panera this week, and then she sipped a smoothie at Starbucks with Liam again, another Studio City resident.

Earlier this week, Miley popped into Jerry's Famous Deli with gal-pal Demi Lovato, who just broke up with Joe Jonas, who was working just around the corner at the Radford Studios on the set of Hot in Cleveland. Wow, all that potential drama!

Anyway, Miley's blouse was a bit too sheer according to paparazzi pundits (yeah, and they were, so I'm not even going to link to them, esp. since Miley's still only 17.)  

  • Larry Birkhead, the ex of the late Anna Nicole Smith, is living in Studio City with their daughter, Dannielynn, who just celebrated her fourth birthday. He Twitters, "Hard to believe she is almost four! Hope everyone had a great summer."

More recently, Birkhead Tweeted something scary about living in Studio City: "I found a rattlesnake on our street, I called animal control and they asked me if it was 'hurting anybody?' uh................. " (By the way, dude, we called the Los Angeles Fire Department, and the guys came up the hill from the local department and squealed like girls when the snake fell on one of them as they were dishing one out of the pool! It was kind of like the Keystone Cops which, ironically, also started in Studio City.)

The trial is still going on about Smith's friend (and TV co-star) Howard K. Stern supposedly having injected her with drugs. Lots of local residents and her neighbors are brought in to testify including Dr. Khristine Eroshevich and  Dr. Sandeep Kapoor.

  • Megan Fox and her hubby Brian Austin Green popped out of Zach's Café last week and told photogs outside in the parking lot that a lot of people are talking about her age difference with Brian.

She's 24 and he's the ripe old age of 37, but she says her friends "roll their eyes" about the two of them being together because he's from another generation. It's not much different from what she's telling Elle in the upcoming October issue: "When I talk about my husband, I feel as if people roll their eyes."

  • Last Sunday night, Kevin Spacey stopped in at the Fox and the Hounds pub. He stopped to pet a Mastiff who was sitting in the outdoor area with his master.


  • Emmy-nominated choreographer Alexandre Magno sold his two-bedroom, two-bath home on Sarah Street for $705,000. It's a 1,669-square-foot house built six decades ago.
  • Digital Film CEO Dawn Maxey and Kenneth Sisson spent $750,000 buying a two-bedroom, three-bath home on Sunswept Drive.
  • The Guggenheims moved in to Wrightwood. Grace and Jonathan Guggenheim, producer and president of Guggenheim Productions bought the 1,8690-square-foot house for $1.5 million.


• Matthew McConnaughey went in for a brisk workout while his two kids were out in a local park making crafts with their nanny. When he finally came out in a sweaty T-shirt, one of his children offered him a hand-made fan, and he was delightfully surprised by the timely gift.

  • Vanessa Hudgens was out doing yoga again, but this time she took the whole family. She brought her mom Gina, who also lives in town, and her little sister Stella. Then, he went to the Coffee Bean and later in the day got a parking ticket.
  • Grammy winner John Mayer was a bit fed up with photographers while he was playing basketball in his driveway with friends. That kind of invasion of privacy at his home led him to cancel his Twitter account, which had a reported 37 million followers.
  • For two hours Ashley Greene worked out and then she sped over for the fat-free frozen yogurt at Menchie's.

Coolest Thing to Do this Weekend: Go bowling with the stars and do it for a good cause. Kiki Shepherd is bringing together her celebrity friends at PINZ near Jerry's Deli and doing a benefit for Sickle Cell disease.

Coolest Drink: Iced Café Mocha at Café Aldente, they say so right there on the menu.


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