Not All of the Voices Were Heard About Redistricting

Lisa Sarkin writes a letter to the editor about 107 emails that were delivered to the commission.

(Lisa Sarkin, vice president of the Studio City Neighborhood Council, has made her concerns heard about the redistricting boundaries of the Los Angeles City Council—striving to keep Studio City all in one district. See some of the back and forth in the stories below, but here is her latest concern.)

I will fill you in on the evidence...21 copies for the commissioners of 107 emails sent to me from Studio City stakeholders were given to Mr. (Andrew) Westall at the very beginning of Wednesday's meeting, but none of it was distributed to the commissioners. Many other documents brought in for the commissioners were given to them.  

Those of us attending the meetings were told to send, email, fax or bring in information for the commissioners, but none of it was transmitted to them, except an email from a Toluca Lake resident.

The evidence has been in the Patch over the last weeks of Mr. Westall's idea that Toluca Lake residents do not consider themselves part the Valley and that they do not identify with Studio City or North Hollywood.  The adjustment list of 76 issues accumulated by Mr. Westall had Greater Toluca Lake (population of about 12,000) on it three times referring to the overwhelming community desire to be in CD4, because 20 showed up, in green tee shirts at one meeting in Studio City.  

Nowhere on the list did it mention that the Presidents of  the Studio City, Valley Village and North Hollywood Neighborhood Councils and the Presidents of the Studio City Residents Association, Valley Village Homeowners Association and Valley Glen Neighborhood Association, who represent 240,000 people, supported the draft CD2 map which included all of the southeast Valley communities in a compact, communities of interest, diverse and contiguous district map.  The draft map was exactly how the maps should be drawn.

By making the move to put Toluca Lake into CD4, the Valley is back to the same terrible representation it has had for the last 10 years.  One very important goal the Redistricting Commission original adopted was that 5 2/3 council districts should be in the Valley to cover the population growth in the Valley.  Now that is all but forgotten and for what..."Tolucans do not identify with the Valley."  

BUT Mr. Westall may run for the state assembly in the 46 district, which is an all Valley district.  

Switching Toluca Lake to CD4 made a mockery of the process that is suppose to be none political.

The most famous residents of Toluca Lake was Bob Hope you constantly referred to his home in the beautiful San Fernando Valley.

Other sides of the issue . . . 

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Andrew Westall February 27, 2012 at 03:59 PM
Lisa, Once again you've failed to give the public all of the information and only state facts or opinions that benefit you. The Commission received your emails on Wednesday night, and you should be clear that only one Amendment considered by the Commission that night affected Studio City and North Hollywood. Not one of the Commissioners put forth an Amendment putting the greater Toluca Lake communities back in CD 2, and in fact every Amendment respected that geography and attempted to deal with other Valley-centric issues. Commissioner Miller put forth Amendment F which made the Midtown North Hollywood NC whole in CD 2, the Sherman Oaks NC whole in CD 4, and with the exception of two blocks, a narrow corridor to link Toluca Lake with the rest of CD 4, made Studio City whole in CD 2 (99.5%). You try to make this all about me, but I did not have a vote on the Commission. I am simply the administrator and have done a very fine job with over 4,000 people participating in our hearings and receiving over 5,000 comments. We kept 65 out of 95 Neighborhood Councils whole, an increase of 23 over today. You can try to distort the facts all you want Lisa. You've slandered me in public and libeled me online. But the real truth here is that the Commission listened to Studio City, Toluca Lake, North Hollywood, Valley Village, Valley Glen, and Sherman Oaks ... providing the best opportunity to be represented for all the communities, not just one.
Mike Szymanski February 27, 2012 at 04:29 PM
Thank you, Andrew, and we do encourage all sides of every issue, but limit it when it comes to libel, slander and name-calling. So, please, all of you, weigh in as you see fit, and if you prefer a longer letter-to-the-editor forum like this, please email it in to MikeS@patch.com or Craig.Clough@patch.com...thanks!
John Galt February 27, 2012 at 11:33 PM
I agree wholeheartedly with Mr. Westall's assessment. Three cheers to him and the Commission for listening to the voices of Toluca Lake residents and respecting their right to be governed in the manner THEY feel is best for them! As usual, Lisa Larkin again "distorts the facts" in order to benefit her "opinions" and political agenda. She owes Mr. Westall an apology! In my opinion --- and in the opinions of numerous other Studio City stakeholders who have continuously raised questions about Larkin's ethics and political dealings --- SHE NEEDS TO GO! She narrowly held her Studio City Community Council seat last election ... hopefully she'll be removed soon. If so... GOOD RIDDANCE!
zapple March 09, 2012 at 06:11 PM
Thank you Andrew... Evidently this gal has waaaayyy too much time on her hands.. Why doesn't she keep her nose in her own district's business and let Toluca Lake mind their own.. They don't interfere in other NC's business and they don't understand why these few people suddenly have an interest in the Metro project and the Campo de Cahuenga... How 'bout the old saying "Live and Let Live"..?
zapple March 09, 2012 at 06:12 PM
Kudos Mr. Gait... Well spoken and true words. That woman needs to get a life aside from abusing government employees and distorting words


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