A Drive-Through, Coyote-Killing, PED Xing, School Borders & More

Lisa Sarkin answers questions about local issues.

Lisa Sarkin has the week off, so we are reprinting some community issues that are timely, including a poll that runs a tight race (bottom of page!) Please answer the polls in this and weigh in in the COMMENTS. And, read other  columns. Send your questions to Studio City Patch editor   or leave it in the Comments section below. Thanks!

Who No McDonald's Drive-Through?

Why isn’t that near a drive-through? Wouldn’t that help alleviate traffic? Was it a zoning issue?—Carla Montez

The Ventura/Cahuenga Boulevard Corridor Specific Plan prohibits drive-throughs, as they create too much traffic. If you look at the configuration of the buildings at this location, there really is no place to put a drive-through. Several of the current buildings were already there when the McDonald’s was built.

How is Michael?

We were never updated if Michael Klausman from is back on the mend after his motorcycle accident ... or did he retire? Just wanted to know.—A friend

Michael Klausman is back at work and doing fine.

Killing ?

Can I legally if it’s on my property? Not shoot it of course, there are other ways.—Jamie Ball

Well, Jamie—of course you cannot shoot a weapon legally in the city of Los Angeles. I suggest you hire an exterminator. Some coyotes are protected, so you should not do it yourself. Just go online and you will be able to find many exterminators to choose from.

Colfax and Rio Vista in Studio City?

I’m so confused about school borders. Are and considered part of Studio City or not?

Rio Vista is actually within Studio City. Colfax Elementary is within Valley Village. Both schools service Studio City schoolchildren.

PED Xing at Woodbridge and Tujunga

The pedestrian crosswalk at Woodbridge and Tujunga needs a pedestrian signal!! While the crosswalk lights can be seen all the way to Ventura Boulevard, people using the crosswalk have no indication as to when or whether the crosswalk lights are in fact blinking, indicating it's safe to begin crossing! Do they give tickets for this?  Especitally on Ventura Boulevard.—Thom Karlsen

Thom, I agree with you, but no matter what the Studio City organizations tried to do, we received that blinking light. It was supposed to be a real pedestrian crossing with flashing lights in the street. As far as I can determine, no tickets are given for this type of signal, but by law, drivers must stop for pedestrians within a crosswalk.

Kristina Hope October 26, 2011 at 06:55 PM
Regarding Coyotes: They are definitely a problem, and exterminating them one or two at a time is not a long lasting solution. I saw one running across Coldwater Canyon at Woodbridge the other night with a cat in its mouth. About two minutes later, another one followed it. People need to keep their animals inside, especially cats and small dogs. Unfortunately, the coyotes were here first, and we have totally encroached on their habitat. Maybe they should be caught whenever possible, sterilized, and released. This would help keep the populations down. This was done with the squirrels in Pacific Palisades and up in Berkeley, and it was a much better solution than killing them. if they are killed in any significant numbers, the new litters get bigger to make up for the difference. You can't kill them all, and you can't fool Mother Nature! Kristina Hope
Tracy November 08, 2011 at 08:28 PM
Sunday, November 6, 6:00 pm, I saw a large coyote on Vantage Ave then ran down Valley Spring Ln, then south on Bellingham Ave, one block north of Ventura Blvd. It was carrying in its mouth an animal, could have been an outdoor cat or bushy-tailed wild animal. I drove to get closer to see if I could help, but the coyote successfully vanished. Native americans called them 'tricksters' due to their swift nature. Coyotes are only trying to survive, they are not bad creatures. These animals prey on our domestic animals as well, so please always use a leash and cats indoors only and keep your loved animals safe!
A December 20, 2011 at 04:01 AM
We really need a crosswalk on colfax between moorpark and Ventura. A blinking light would be nice, but just some yellow paint would help. People fly down colfax and it is very dangerous when crossing.
Buz December 20, 2011 at 06:00 AM
I would buy into the crosswalk argument were it not for the fact that both Colfax and Tujunga, which used to have two lanes of traffic in both directions, were changed by some buffoon traffic engineer to one lane each direction and one median lane, thereby halving the traffic capacity. Now we all have to follow some fool traveling @ 20 mph!!!


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