PHOTOS: North Hollywood and East Valley High Soccer Teams Kick Off Season With Friendly Scrimmage

North Hollywood High School Varsity Soccer has more history and experience going into the new soccer season, as they leave East Valley High School scoreless on their turf.

On Wednesday night, hosted a scrimmage soccer game against on their sports field, which is situated alongside Vineland Avenue near Chandler Boulevard.

North Hollywood High's varsity soccer team demonstrated their strength and depth in the friendly pre-season exhibition game, scoring five unanswered goals and clearly dominating the match.

The majority of the spectators were East Valley students, and although the "cross-town rivals" surely defeated their Falcons in the exhibition match, feelings remained friendly between the two schools. Scores of students stood on the sidelines to watch the game and show support for their teams. A few zealous fans of East Valley High School waved large banners and small signs. But as the temperatures cooled, the large banners served more as blankets to keep warm, than for boosting school spirit.

Some East Valley High students said they enjoyed the soccer match, but the lack of adequate seating and standing in wet grass and mud (caused by mis-timed sprinklers) dampened the experience.

A couple of East Valley students conceded that North Hollywood High School's varsity soccer team "has more experience" and that the NHHS program "probably has more success because they've been around longer."

They also didn't see any sort of rivalry between the two high schools.

"East Valley High School is only about three or four years old. We're just too new," said one student about their school, which opened in 2006.


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