Police Blotter: What Local Crimes Are Reported in Studio City

Check out the police blotter for recent crimes.

Here are the latest crimes reported in the Studio City area.

The letters correspond to the chart above.

 CrimeDateAddressLink A Theft 08/01/12 10:00 PM 41XX CAMELLIA AVENUE Details B Theft 08/02/12 04:00 PM LAUREL CANYON BOULEVARD AND SUNSHINE TERRACE Details C Theft 07/29/12 08:30 AM LAUREL CANYON BOULEVARD AND FRYMAN ROAD Details D Theft 08/01/12 09:30 PM 43XX CAMELLIA AVENUE Details E Theft 08/01/12 01:00 PM 43XX CAMELLIA AVENUE Details F Burglary 08/02/12 02:00 PM 44XX TUJUNGA AVENUE Details G Assault 08/01/12 01:30 PM 44XX TUJUNGA AVENUE Details H Theft 08/02/12 07:40 PM 44XX LAUREL CANYON BOULEVARD Details I Assault 08/03/12 08:15 PM 46XX COLFAX AVENUE Details J Theft 08/02/12 08:30 AM VENTURA BOULEVARD AND RHODES AVENUE Details K Burglary 08/01/12 09:30 PM 41XX ARCH DRIVE Details L Theft 08/02/12 10:40 PM 39XX VINELAND AVENUE Details M Theft 08/01/12 12:30 AM 47XX FARMDALE AVENUE Details N Burglary 08/03/12 12:00 AM 37XX CAHUENGA BOULEVARD Details O Burglary 08/01/12 08:00 PM 45XX CARTWRIGHT AVENUE Details P Theft 08/02/12 08:00 PM DENNY AND BLIX Details Q Robbery 08/03/12 04:17 PM 53XX LAUREL CANYON BOULEVARD Details R Burglary 08/02/12 06:00 PM 23XX GLOAMING WAY Details S Theft 08/03/12 11:00 AM 46XX COLDWATER CANYON AVENUE Details T Theft 08/02/12 07:00 PM 54XX BEN AVENUE Details U Theft 08/13/12 08:20 AM 53XX LANKERSHIM BLVD Details V Theft 08/02/12 09:00 PM 53XX LANKERSHIM BOULEVARD Details W Assault 08/03/12 02:50 AM LANKERSHIM AND CHANDLER Details X Theft 08/01/12 07:15 AM 54XX FAIR AVENUE Details Y Burglary 08/02/12 07:30 PM 35XX CAHUENGA BOULEVARD Details Z Theft 08/03/12 06:40 AM 55XX LAUREL CANYON BOULEVARD Details Theft 08/03/12 04:00 AM 56XX GENTRY AVENUE Details Burglary 08/03/12 10:45 AM 87XX APPIAN WAY Details Theft 08/02/12 12:00 AM 53XX HARMONY AVENUE Details Burglary 08/02/12 06:30 AM 54XX CLEON AVENUE Details Theft 08/02/12 06:10 PM 57XX LAUREL CANYON BOULEVARD Details Robbery 08/01/12 02:00 AM VENTURA BOULEVARD AND FULTON AVENUE Details Theft 08/03/12 01:40 PM BECK AVENUE AND EMELITA STREET Details Burglary 08/01/12 04:00 PM 58XX LAUREL CANYON BOULEVARD Details Robbery 08/03/12 05:55 PM 59XX LANKERSHIM BOULEVARD Details Burglary 08/02/12 05:00 PM 43XX PONCA AVENUE Details Theft 08/02/12 11:59 PM 56XX DENNY AVENUE Details Theft 08/01/12 10:00 AM 33XX BENNETT DRIVE Details Theft 08/01/12 06:00 AM LAUREL CANYON AND OXNARD Details Assault 08/01/12 03:00 PM 61XX CARPENTER AVENUE Details Theft 08/01/12 12:00 AM 20XX NORTH CURSON AVENUE Details Theft 08/01/12 08:00 PM 44XX WOODMAN AVENUE Details Theft 07/29/12 12:00 AM LAUREL CANYON BOULEVARD AND SYLVAN STREET Details Burglary 08/02/12 02:00 PM 26XX HUTTON DRIVE Details Theft 08/02/12 02:00 PM 92XX SUNSET BOULEVARD Details Theft 08/02/12 09:00 PM 44XX COLBATH AVENUE Details Theft 08/02/12 12:30 AM 75XX HOLLYWOOD BOULEVARD Details Theft 07/28/12 03:45 AM 98XX YOAKUM DRIVE Details Theft 07/30/12 01:00 AM 9XX PALM AVENUE Details Theft 07/30/12 01:10 AM 9XX PALM AVENUE Details
For more info, goto http://spotcrime.com

CRIME ALERT! 4 new crimes Type Description Case # Location Agency Date Map It THEFT FROM VEHICLE - PETTY ($950 & under) 121516586 11100 MORRISON ST Los Angeles Police 8/14/2012 7:00:00 PM Map It BURGLARY FROM VEHICLE 120916035 4500 MARY ELLEN AV Los Angeles Police 8/13/2012 8:30:00 PM Map It THEFT FROM VEHICLE - GRAND ($950.01 & over) 121516568 4400 CARTWRIGHT AV Los Angeles Police 8/11/2012 11:30:00 PM Map It BURGLARY (entry of structure w/intent to commit theft or a felony) INCLUDES VESSELS 121516560 10600 LANDALE ST Los Angeles Police 8/10/2012 6:00:00 PM Map It


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