UPDATE: Streetlights in Colfax Meadows Are Back On

The lights went out over the weekend and are fixed.

Streetlights in the Colfax Meadows stopped lighting last Thursday and through most of the weekend, but they are being worked on by city lighting crews and should be fixed soon.

Late reports Tuesday night are that some were back on, but not near Tujunga. As of Wednesday afternoon, Jeremy Oberstein from Paul Krekorian's office said, "We were just informed that all lights in Colfax Meadows are back online. All power has been restored and the lights should be running smoothly tonight. We thank everyone for their patience..."

A piece of Department of Water and Power equipment that funnels electricity into selected light fixtures in the Colfax Meadows area stopped working. It knocked out the concrete lights, not the metal poles, and no residential homes were affected.

Grant Miles, who writes the on Studio City Patch, said, "I don't know if this is related at all to what a few days back, but all the street lighting is out in my area of Studio City, and has been for a few nights now. It's at least several square blocks around my neighborhood… Moorpark/Farmdale. Utility power is on to all the residences, but the street lighting is ALL dark."

William Padilla said, "Virtually all the old-style street lamps in the Colfax Meadows area have been totally out for the past three nights. It makes the area quite eerie at night, and represents a safety issue for folks taking late-night walks and bike rides."

The area in question is a square comprised of Kraft to the east, Moorpark to the north, Lemp/Irvine to the west, and Dilling to the south.

City Council member Krekorian was notified and his staff contacted city crews and said both the Bureau of Street Lighting and DWP are currently working together to restore power.

"While it is an inconvenience for residents, the councilman had seen to it that city crews from the two agencies are working hard to fix this as soon as possible," said Oberstein from the councilman's office.

Grant Miles August 29, 2012 at 05:01 AM
Happy to report the lights are back on!
KDogg August 30, 2012 at 03:00 PM
Why are the lights on Tujunga not back on? Why does Colfax Meadows get all the special attention (red curbs painted daily, street lights fixed)?? Tujunga is a very dangerous street and it is pitch black dark when the lights are out and they are always out.


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