Studio City Filthy Pool May Have Caused Neighbor's West Nile

Debbie Davis said she has gone to many officials to get help.

Studio City resident Debbie Davis complained to everyone she knew who to complain to about the foreclosed house next door. It landed her with a case of West Nile virus. (See the video above.)

Neighbor John Marshall notified 75 fellow neighbors in the Wrightwood Lane/Alta View Drive section of Studio City.  It's in the 3600 block of Bellfield Way.

Davis wrote in an email:

"I donated blood on Monday, August 13 at work. Last night I got a message from the Red Cross to call them immediately regarding my donation. I called and was told that my sample tested positive for West Nile Virus. I immediately called my doctor, BAC Field Services and Building and Safety to let them know that my worst fears had come true.

"I don't know if anything can be done about the nightmare next door. I feel I have done everything I can and I don't know where to turn. I would appreciate any suggestions you might have."

Read the entire story here in The Daily News.

Chuck August 21, 2012 at 06:25 PM
I live near Sarah and Morse streets border of Sherman Oaks and Studio City. None of the streets here have corner drains and consequently all of the water from the neighborhood sprinklers gathers at my corner. I've already contacted vector control about spraying for mesquitoes but am wondering if anyone knows who I might talk with from the city to see about fixing the problem so water doesn't pool there. If you know, kindly email me at paradxo365@live.com Thank you.
Chuck August 21, 2012 at 06:27 PM
Sorry - that's Paradox365@live.com
Lightnapper August 21, 2012 at 07:33 PM
Mosquitofish for unused, abandoned pools For further information . . . Anyone interested in obtaining mosquitofish, for use in approved areas, should contact the Los Angeles County West Vector & Vector-Borne Disease Control District at (310) 915-7370
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