Residents Association Hands Out Studio City Cares Awards

They also induct the new board.

handed out its annual awards Wednesday night, and approved the new board of directors.

President said there was no opposition to the slate of the new Board of Directors, so they were approved without vote. Most of the same board members were approved, except for and who all resigned.

See the association’s site for the names of the full board members: www.studiocityresidents.org

Mayoral candidate and Studio City resident also spoke and answered questions (see upcoming story).

The most prestigious award the SCRA can give out is the Fran Quigley Award, named after someone who has been a local activist since 1937 and started the Studio City Civic Committee and worked for charities. That went to Bill Harmond, who was the head of the which has overseen projects such as the Oasis Park across Ventura Boulevard from Marshall’s, the median strip park across from Moorpark Park and the , among others.

Beth Dymond presented the award, saying, “Bill brought a new infusion of enthusiasm when he took over the Studio City Beautification Association four years ago.”

Harmond managed to raise money and get grants for the projects and even recently helped raise $6,000 to help plant trees and natural plants throughout Studio City.

“This organization is like a shark,” he explained. “It has to keep moving in order to survive. So, I hope you will keep giving to  it so we can continue to build.”

from Councilman Paul Krekorian’s office received an honor for helping all sides settle the difficult Residential Floor Area issue.

Dymond said, “It was a really contentious issue, … and Karo was driving the engine to work out a solution.”

Torossian said the mansionization issue may go to the full city council for a vote in the next two or three weeks. “It was a very complicated ordinance,” he said.

Another award went to , an activist who moved back East, but still does business in Studio City. SCRA board memberintroduced her, explaining she has been involved with the civic groups for decades and coined the phrase “monster house.”

“I have been involved in community service since I was a Brownie scout,” she said.

Elizabeth Gulick of the CBS Radford Studios received the final award, presented by Beautification Association’s Francesca Cora, who said, “Lizzie became our go-to person for so many projects.” She had worked with every major civic group in Studio City and designed most of the programs and brochures for the groups.

“I have made so many friends in Studio City,” said Gulick. “I love Studio City and I have had so much fun working with you.”

For more information about the SCRA see www.studiocityresidents.org



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