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The Hottest Polls of 2012 So Far, and You Can Still Vote

Join in the conversation, and vote in all the polls

Lots of fascinating topics have made it into the polls recently, and most of them involved what lies in the future.

A fantastic debate over the most important concerns for Studio City for 2012 seems to be a dead-heat between a new movie theater and keeping businesses in the area.

The presidential election and the End of the World don't seem to be high on anyone's radar. 

  • What do you think are the most pressing concerns of 2012?
    •  The presidential election 4 (4%)
    • Redistricting and keeping Studio City in one district 5 (5%)
    • Pot shops, whether they stay or not 0 (0%)
    • Getting a movie theater in Studio City 25 (26%)
    • Attracting more business to the area 37 (39%)
    • Electing Wendy Greuel as mayor 10 (10%)
    • Protecting the environment 12 (12%)
    • The End of the Word 1 (1%)
    Total votes: 94

You can still vote on the Most Important Issues of Studio City in 2012.

Lots of people want to save Henry's Tacos and voted as such in .

Do you think Henry's Tacos should have historic status?

  • Yes, of course, it's a local Studio City icon. 259 (7%)
  • It should be up to the Cultural Board, and not the public. 39 (1%)
  • No, the owner should be able to do what he wants with his property. 87 (2%)

Total votes: 385

There have also been redistricting hearings. 

Do you think Studio City should be in one City Council District rather than three?

  • Yes. It makes sense to keep the community in one district. 170 (80%)
  • It doesn't really matter. 5 (2%)
  • No. It's great to have three council members represent parts of Studio City. 36 (17%)

Total votes: 211

People are still adamant about Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus and coyotes, too...

Do you think the Justin Bieber video is appropriate?

  • Yes. 18 (5%)
  • No. 34 (9%)
  • Who cares? 9 (2%)

Total votes: 61

Do You Think Miley Cyrus Could Become the Next Lindsay Lohan?

  • No, absolutely not, she has a good head on her shoulders 62 (5%)
  • Maybe, she seems to be slipping down that slippery slope 77 (6%)
  • Yes, she's following the same messy path 106 (8%)

Total votes: 245


What should we do about coyotes?

  • Catch them and move them to remote locations 146 (1%)
  • Exterminate them in any way possible 329 (2%)
  • Live with them, it's their land too 368 (2%)

Total votes: 843

Do you think billboards like this should be near schools?

Do you think billboards like this should be near schools?

  • Sure. What's the big deal? Talk to your kids about it. 1141 (9%)
  • It's OK, but there should be some ways parents could weigh in. 139 (1%)
  • Absolutely not, it's offensive. There should be a law restricting this around schools. 335 (2%)
  • All billboards should be banned. 154 (1%)

Total votes: 1769




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