The Studio City Metro Sign Is Made

Now it remains to be installed.

Studio City resident Barry Johnson has talked about pushing for the Studio City name to be on the Universal City Metro Station for years.

He has brought up the idea to the Studio City Neighborhood Council and various committees, Metropolitan Transportation Authority meetings and city meetings. They told him it wasn't possible.

"The Metro line station is in Studio City and it should have the name on it," Johnson insisted.

Now he has seen the sign, and he took a photograph of it.

"I never thought I'd actually see the day this sign would exist... especially since the Chair of MTA's (unpaid volunteer) San Fernando Valley Service Council was dead set against the change and held it up in her council as long as she could," Johnson said. "That's the only reason it took over two years to accomplishment this change."

The sign is made, but it has yet to be installed. 

"I'll let you know when I see the sign installed on Lankershim," Johnson reported.

It is expected to be sometime in May.



Ed Botsko May 07, 2013 at 07:12 PM
Youse guys are way too pampered...


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