Tom LaBonge Newsletter: Safe Halloween and Other Local Issues

LaBonge represents the west San Fernando Valley, Toluca Lake, Studio City, the Cahuenga Pass and Hollywood.

Councilman LaBonge urges all parents to make sure their little ghouls and goblins are safe and smart this Halloween.  The scariest part of Halloween can be an unexpected street corner encounter with little kids dressed all in dark clothing.  Remember, on Halloween, kids usually have one thing on their minds -- trick-or-treat.  So it's up to us to remind them about safety and make sure they go out in the safest clothing possible.  Check costumes for bright colors so kids are easily visible to motorists.  Flashlights, glow-sticks and reflective tape strips will help.  Make sure masks don't obscure their vision.   And, for safety's sake, parents should accompany young trick-or-treaters on their neighborhood haunts -- especially kids under ten.

Water Main Installation along Cahuenga Boulevard West is Underway
The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) began construction on the Cahuenga Boulevard Mainline Replacement Project on October 12th.  The project area is on Cahuenga Blvd. West between Barham Boulevard and Oakcrest Drive.  It consists of the replacement of an existing, deteriorated, 77-year old 8-inch water main with a 12-inch water main that will result in an increase of the fire flow capacity in the area and improved reliability of the water distribution system in the surrounding community.  Councilman LaBonge has introduced a motion to ensure safe traffic circulation near Barham Boulevard and LA Fire Station 76 during the construction, which is scheduled at night 7pm through 6am, Monday night through Friday mornings.  The work will go on for approximately 45 nights.  The Councilman wants LADOT to provide traffic control in the area to smooth out any driving challenges during construction.
Click here to see the entire motion

A New Carousel at the Los Angeles Zoo

Councilman La Bonge was on-hand for the grand opening this week of the Tom Mankeiwicz Conservation Carousel at the Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens. The hand-carved wooden animals are one-of-a-kind pieces, and primarily represent animals who live at the LA Zoo.  11 of the animals are still available for sponsorship.  Click the link below for details.  The carousel is located high atop Treetops Terrace in the center of the zoo and is open now for your enjoyment.  Click here to learn more

LaBonge CD4 Beautification Team at Work

The CD4 Beautification Team ... just keepin' it lookin' good!

Councilman LaBonge and French Consul General David Martinon (center holding certificate) celebrate the 125th Anniversary of the dedication of the Statue of Liberty.  Councilman LaBonge calls the beacon of freedom and liberty "the best gift the United States has ever received from another country.".  The Statue of Liberty was officially dedicated on October 28th, 1886 in New York Harbor.  Councilman LaBonge wanted to recognize this magnificent and timeless gift from France to the United States and celebrate the long-standing friendship between our two countries, as well as France’s ongoing connection with the City of Los Angeles.

Police Commission "Distinguished Service Medal"

 Los Angeles Police Department Reserve Officer Renee Greif received the Los Angeles Police Commission’s Distinguished Service Medal, the highest civilian recognition bestowed by the Department, for her work as the chief architect and builder of LAPD’s innovative iWATCH, iREPORT, iKEEP US SAFE public awareness programs that encourage people to report suspicious activity.  Renée became the first Specialist Reserve Officer in the Department’s Counter-Terrorism & Criminal Intelligence Bureau about four years ago and has worked tirelessly to design and develop iWATCH for the City, but also for the nation, ever since.  Thanks to her efforts, iWATCH has spread across the country and the world (every U.S. Army base in the nation and in Europe has an iWATCH program.

New Sidewalks In Front of a Hollywood School

Councilmember Tom LaBonge helps dedicate new access to the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Hollywood on October 24.  The AADA is marking its 37th year in Los Angeles this year, and has been at its current location in Hollywood since 2000.  But there was
a problem:  a dense grove of trees out in front of the campus was blocking access and creating a public safety hazard as the roots buckled the sidewalk.  And the grove had become a haven for homeless people and other loiterers.  Councilman LaBonge got involved and helped to secure Community Redevelopment Agency Money to remove the trees, repair the sidewalks and plant new, more appropriate trees, in this case, a Brisbane Box and a Blossoming Pear.  This has created a total transformation of the streetside aspect of the campus, improved access for students and diminished the possibility of trip and fall lawsuits for the City of Los Angeles.
Read the story in Hollywood Patch.com


-How are you doing with your Preparedness?-
If you've been tuning-in to our weekly Quake-Prep tips, and have been following even some of them, you're doing very well.  Here's a Red Cross Checklist to help you assess how you're doing.
*I know what disasters are most likely in my area.
*My Family has an evacuation plan
*A member of my household is certified in CPR/First Aid
*I have filled out an emergency Contact Card
*My Family has practiced our escape plan
*I know how to shut off my water, power and gas in an emergency
*I have found and secured potential hazards in my home
*My Family has an emergency supplies kit
*I have a personal emergency supplies kit:
-at home
-at work
-in my car

Heart of a Hero Award from the First-In Fire Foundation  "Friends of the Fire Department and Fire Service"

In a ceremony at the beautiful and historic Gilmore Adobe at the Original Farmers Market, Councilman LaBonge was presented with the inaugural "Heart of a Hero" Award by the First In Fire Foundation.  42nd District Assemblyman Mike Feuer was also on-hand for the occasion, which honored the strong bond between the community and the First Responders who protect it.


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