Wendy Greuel Dishes Up Pancakes at Du-par's

The Studio City resident who's running for Los Angeles mayor donned an apron and cap to serve up the community before heading off to her City Controller job downtown.

Los Angeles City Controller served up pancakes for an hour Tuesday morning where local business people, restaurant regulars and even students from her children's school at Colfax Charter were taking advantage of 40-cent pancakes at.

"Du-par's is such a landmark for the community, and it's wonderful to be out here to help out," said Greuel as a waitress helped her pin on her cap and tie on an apron. 

Greuel, a Studio City resident who also represented the area as a city council member and has announced r, passed out plates of stacked pancakes and poured out the syrup for an hour before 8 a.m. before heading off to work downtown.

“It was nice to see Wendy Greuel come in to serve us,” said Studio City businessman Jacob Castroll, of Castroll Insurance, who came in  for pancakes with his daughter, Lea Rockwood. “This is a very nice community event, something different.

Singer Natascha Corrigan, a North Hollywood resident, came in at 6 a.m. to sing a song she wrote about the restaurant:

There’s nothing I like more

 Than pancakes by the score

I tell you I’m a connoisseur

I love pancakes, give me more . . .

Corrigan, who also wrote the song commemorating the Studio City Hand Car Wash mural, said, “I love Du-par’s pancakes. Other people say they go to the Griddle or IHOP or places like that, but I always come here. And, I try to always order something else, but I always end up getting the pancakes.”

She said she was inspired the night before to write the song.

“I love the souvenir menus they have here when you can see that steaks were 35 cents,” Corrigan said. “Those were the days.”

Owner Biff Naylor, who bought the restaurant five years ago, said he helped design the former Studio City landmark Tiny Naylor’s that once was located nearby at the Laurel Canyon and Ventura boulevards intersection.

“I’m not going to be doing this every day,” Naylor said about the 40-cent pancakes, “but we have done anniversary specials like this before. Studio City is the hub of the San Fernando Valley, and it is great that this place has survived, and because of the regulars who have come here over the years.” 

Naylor pointed out, “People say what have you done to stay in business, and I just say, ‘We squeeze our own orange juice and make our own items’ so we haven’t changed, everyone else changed.”

CBS Channel 2 weatherman Rich Fields broadcast the weather reports live between 4:30 and 7 a.m. from the restaurant, and longtime regulars even dressed up for the part.

Colfax Charter school science teacher Leila Wells brought her students form the summer school program to sing “Yes, we have No Bananas” and added, “Except for the banana bread at Du-par’s.”

Lifelong Du-par’s patron Donna Cardin said she’s come to the restaurant with her mother when she was a little girl (at least 35 years), and she and her friend Kassandra Carrolll come into the restaurant in the early morning hours.

They came in dressed up for the part at 6 a.m.—Cardin dressed in the 1940’s fashions and Cardin dressed for the 1950’s.

“It was a great era, the 1950s, and this is a lovely slice of American tradition,” said Carroll, an actress from Ireland.

Cardin said, “I’ve come here with my husbands and ex boyfriends and my mother. Every time we come in here we have a good time.”

Du-par’s stood at the Studio City location since 1948. The promotion of the 40-cent pancakes is available until noon.

Skraeling August 02, 2011 at 09:23 PM
No doubt she billed someone for that appearance..Someone should have asked her there just how Trader Joe's got the approval to be there when McDonalds, Giorgio's and other businesses are being forced to close or limit their operations because they have no parking....And, why DuPars is basically out of business except for week ends . I don't dislike politiicians, I dislike politicians who are self serving and have to wonder why so many people fail to see the lack of honest government these people have failed to deliver. I go to DuPar's when I can park...not often...thanks to Gruel and her successor....Trader Joe's is now doubling its size but the parking has not....thanks Krikorian....I guess when we settle for gimmicks and mediocrity this is what we get.....In two years, i get to finally vote with my feet and leave LA to the Gruels and Krikorian's...It wan't like this under Wachs, that is for sure.
Richard Niederberg August 03, 2011 at 01:45 PM
It sure would be nice if the shopping center owner could make it 'pencil out' to utilize the area behind Trader Joes for additional parking, in that the area between the Laurelwood 'loop' apartments and the Post Office is already shopping center property.
Dick Carter August 03, 2011 at 03:42 PM
Paul has nothing to do with the zoning issues in this shopping center. Vendome, the predecessor to Trader Joe's, Trader Joe's, and Blockbuster Video all have the same parking requirements, as in retail/non-restaurant usage. The center is hampered by the fact that Trader Joe's is much more successful than the others at what they do. McDonald's was there before any of these tenants, by the way, as it was one of the first tenants in this center. As to Dupar's, it is now operated by Norm's Restaurants, so if your pancakes might not seem the same as you remember them 10-20 years ago, you now know why.
Matthew August 03, 2011 at 04:39 PM
You're correct that the hotcakes are not what they used to be; however, the current owners have nothing to do with Norm's. It's the Naylor family, which used to run the Tiny Naylor's restaurants. Still, they changed the famous hotcake recipe, then have the audacity to tell blatant lies to the public that they haven't changed a thing. They have, and it's a travesty.
Skraeling August 03, 2011 at 06:33 PM
Funny thing, The same reply about Krikorian is given out any time you call his office. So, basically, Krikorian does nothing for his district, is what you are saying....Well, those of us who actually pay attention, knew that months ago....yes, they have same parking requirements but zoning laws can and are routinely changed...look at "Paul's' support for such changes...beginning with the football field fiasco downtown. As for success, good for TJ, bad for Studio City shoppers..and Mickey D's has had to severely limit its operation to accommodate the situation...probably, though, this might be a good thing, healthwise. Lots of empty building abound in the Studio City area...what's the plan from our councilman?


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