At the Wendy Greuel Party, Where She Ends the Night 'Fired Up'

Wendy Greuel's speech part 2
Wendy Greuel's speech part 2
UPDATE: Wendy Greuel conceded early Wednesday morning, but Patch was on the scene at her campaign until late Tuesday night.

Wendy Greuel's son Thomas was up at 4:30 Tuesday morning, and he didn't show it after 11 p.m. later that day. Sure, he did have to get to Colfax Community Charter School that day, but the rest of the night was a full party at The Exchange in downtown Los Angeles as his mother was vying for Mayor of Los Angeles.

Before they got there, where the election was too close to call before bedtime, Geuel went to Art's Deli and Jerry's Deli in Studio City and a few other delis and restaurants and businesses in different parts of Los Angeles.

Many of Studio City's activists were in attendance, along with leaders from across the state.

Mark Batterman, who has been active in parks and environmental issues, as well as Lisa Sarkin and Lisa Cahan Davis from the Studio City Neighborhood Council were there.

Sarkin and Davis arrived, and they said they that it wasn't clear how their council was leaning in the race. They all knew about council president John Walker's feelings supporting Greuel, who lives in Studio City with her son and husband. Walker said he would be leaving the Neighborhood Council by September, and even earlier if Greuel wins.

 "It was amazing how people didn't really talk about their private feelings too much on the council, there was a lot of respect because we were divided," said Davis. 

Sarkin said, "It is so important that the San Fernando Valley has a voice, and Wendy will do that. We should have better representation for the Valley in Los Angeles politics."

Did the fact that Greuel is a woman make a difference to these two activists? "No, not at all, it wasn't even a consideration," Sarkin said. "But it is nice to have a few more female voices in City Hall." 

Eric Garcetti may have lived in the Valley at some point, but "Wendy has been there for us always," Sarkin said.

Greuel even quipped in her speech that she was a "Valley girl" and vowed to keep on going "until every vote is counted."

She said she had a sense of deja-vu when she ran for City Council and went to bed with a difference of 55 votes, but ultimately when all the votes were counted she won by 225 votes. "Every vote counts," she said.

Some of the Studio City locals at the party said they were surprised that local councilman Paul Krekorian weighed in against Greuel and support Garcetti. Greuel is Krekorian's neighbor in Studio City, and predecessor in the council.

Greuel thanked her campaigners, her volunteers, and her famous supporters, including Earvin "Magic" Johnson, Sen. Barbara Boxer and former President Bill Clinton.

See video of Greuel's speech shortly after 11 p.m.

As people were filing out of the club, a group of 20-somethings said, "Let's go to the Prop D party." (About opening up access to medical marijuana shops in the city.)

Greuel's supporters took to the stage and congratulated her for her work as a council person, a controller, and as a mom.

"I'm fired up," she declared. She said she was ready to continue the party.

And after one of the busiest days of this family's lives, Greuel's son, Thomas, however, looked a bit beat.


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