What's Wendy Greuel Doing During Carmageddon II?

She's staying home, working the computer, asking for money.

What's city controller and mayoral candidate Wendy Greuel doing during Carmageddon II?

She's staying put in her Studio City home and working the computer.

She sent out a note on her iPad:

With Carmageddon 2 (The Sequel) this weekend, even though traffic seems to be no worse than usual -  I decided to do my part and stay home this morning.

Just wanted to drop you a quick note.  Been working hard – our campaign’s big fundraising deadline is in just 11 hours. We are almost to our $27,140 grassroots fundraising goal. Can I count on you to donate a few dollars before midnight tonight? 

Thanks for all that you do. -Wendy

Greuel, of course, is running for mayor, and were she to win, would be the first female to be mayor of Los Angeles, and the first person to have won from the San Fernando Valley. The election is next year.


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